Police U-Turn on PIN Issued to Journalist Highlights the Problem of “Harassment Warnings”

From the Croydon Advertiser: THE Metropolitan Police has revoked a harassment warning given to a Croydon Advertiser journalist for questioning a convicted fraudster. Chief reporter Gareth Davies was issued with a Police Information Notice (PIN) in March 2014 while investigating Neelam Desai’s alleged involvement in a dating website scam in which men were conned out of […]

New Claim of Organised Abuse at Dolphin Square in the 1980s – General Synod Mentioned

From BuzzFeed: David was groggy when he woke up, he says. As he looked around, he knew where he was, because he had been there before: an apartment in Dolphin Square, central London… He was 15. His eyes flicker up to the right, reliving those moments in 1982 as if he were back there. …Memories from […]

Blackburn Muslim Association Condemned Over 2006 Instruction Restricting Travel for Women

From the Telegraph: Women should not be allowed to go on long journeys without a male chaperone a British Muslim group has advised followers. Justine Greening, the International Development Secretary, condemned the advice from Blackburn Muslim Association as “disgraceful” and said such views had “no place” in modern Britain. …Ms Greening’s intervention came following a question […]