Pastor John Hagee Recounts Shooting Attempt

The Christian Post reports on a recent appearance by Pastor John Hagee on James Robison’s TV show: December 1971, I started to teach my congregation about the biblical position of demonology because I was raised in a denomination that did not believe it, and said they certainly couldn’t belong to our denomination, although the devil was […]

Daily Mail Probes Esther Story as Ex-MP Interviewed By Police

UPDATE (September 2017): The CPS has declined to prosecute, and the ex-MP has now identified himself as John Hemming. He has issued a “Statement re false allegations from Esther Baker”, in which he writes that “police have now made it clear that there has been a concerted effort to promote false criminal allegations against me and […]

Some Notes on Tom Watson, the Daily Mail, and Leon Brittan

From the Daily Mail: Leon Brittan’s brother has demanded an apology from Labour deputy leader Tom Watson for making ‘unfounded’ sex crime allegations about the former Home Secretary. Sir Samuel Brittan, 83, called on Mr Watson to say sorry directly to his sister-in-law, Lady Brittan, for accusing her late husband of rape and child abuse. …Days […]

Bishop Peter Ball and Failures to Tackle Manipulative Abuse in the Church of England

From the Church Times: Bishop [Peter] Ball, aged 83, was jailed after a hearing at the Old Bailey by the Hon. Mr Justice Wilkie on Wednes­day after pleading guilty last month to two charges of indecent assault against two boys in their teens in the 1980s, and also a charge of mis­conduct in public office (News, […]

Panorama Defies Police “Concerns” To Investigate VIP Abuse Claims

Another lengthy statement from the Metropolitan Police: The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has serious concerns about the impact of [BBC Panorama] on its investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse and homicide, on the witnesses involved, and on the willingness of victims of abuse to come forward to police. We have warned previously about the risks of […]

Exaro Unleashes Attacks on BBC Panorama

As the BBC’s current affairs programme Panorama prepares to broadcast a critical documentary on lurid and sensational allegations of a murderous “Westminster Paedophile Ring” supposedly operating from the 1970s to the 1990s, Exaro News, which has staked its credibility on the claims, has, as ever, decided to get its retaliation in first, with a series of increasingly vicious denunciations and […]

Daily Mail Returns to Leon Brittan and “Jane” as VIP Abuse Claims Come Under Scrutiny

From the Daily Mail: Woman who falsely accused Lord Brittan of raping her is a Labour activist who admitted hating the Tories A woman who falsely claimed Leon Brittan raped her in 1967 is a veteran Labour activist with mental health problems. …Scotland Yard exonerated him five months after his death following a drawn out inquiry. […]