US Faith Healer Says He Raised Man From the Dead in Northern England

From Charisma: [Robby] Dawkins, author of Do What Jesus Did: A Real-Life Field Guide to Healing the Sick, Routing Demons and Changing Lives Forever, saw a resurrection from the dead at his April meeting in Northern England. In fact, he was leading the prayer. The drama started just as he announced the title of his message. That’s […]

Libertarian Accuses Critical Blogger of Causing “Alarm and Distress”

Over at Zelo Street, Tim Fenton (recently profiled by the Guardian) reveals details of a nastygram from Griffin Law, sent on behalf of free-speech “libertarian” and commentator Harry Cole: We are instructed by Harry Cole… We refer to various untrue, defamatory and malicious statements made by you about our client online that have caused and […]

Wiltshire Police Withdraws Misleading Webpage on Police Information Notices

From the “Your Journey to Justice” section of the website of Wiltshire Police, as of March 2015: Harassment Information Notice This is a written notice showing who the offender has been harassing and how. The piece of paper with the information on has to be signed by the accused person to say they have been […]

Nadine Dorries: Her Accusations in Context

Introduction Why this is of interest to me: The “terror trackers” and abuse Enter Tabloid Troll Dorries renews her accusations The 2015 election A threatening “peace offer” IPSO Ruling on the Sunday Mirror Introduction Election results in from the constituency of mid-Bedfordshire show that Tim Ireland, the independent anti-corruption candidate, received 384 votes, or 0.7%. It was a […]