World Public Forum Promotes Statements Defending Russia On MH17

A number of times now, I’ve written about a Russian “soft power” initiative called the World Public Forum: Dialogue of Civilizations. The WPF was co-founded by Vladmir Yakunin, a devoutly Orthodox member of Putin’s inner circle and the head of Russia’s railways, and it has made links with an extraordinary array of top-tier academics, religious leaders, and emeritus politicians […]

Jim Bakker Off to the Holy Land with Joseph Farah and Jonathan Cahn

WND “reports“: Surprise Guest Joins Cahn-Farah Israel Tour Jim and Lori Bakker are not coming as celebrities or guest speakers, but as spiritual pilgrims. Jim Bakker hasn’t been to Israel in decades, and Lori Bakker has never been there. They got the idea to come when Cahn, author of “The Harbinger” and the inspiration behind “The […]

No, Hamas Has Not Admitted that the God of the Jews is Diverting their Rockets

Story from jumps from Israeli Haredi columnist to UK Jewish newspaper to US evangelical websites From the UK Jewish Telegraph: IN October, 1956, David Ben Gurion was interviewed by CBS. He stated: “In Israel, in order to be a realist, you must believe in miracles.” But the Talmud Yerushalmi tells us that in no way are we […]

Melbourne More Welcoming than Salt Lake City to World Congress of Families

Following an op-ed by Chad Griffin of the Human Rights Campaign, in which he explained why his organization regards the World Congress of Families is “hateful”, the Daily Beast’s Jay Michaelson reports on fallout in Utah: The World Congress of Families, an umbrella group of forty-odd ‘traditional values’ organizations, announced earlier this month that their 2015 conference will be held […]

My Unpleasant Experiences With Dennis Rice, aka TabloidTroll

Mess with @tabloidtroll at your peril, trolls! Insider Speak…:Just Who is Richard Bartholomew (Besides being ano… — Neil Wallis (@neilwallis1) February 12, 2013 Since the early days of the #hackingtrial @tabloidtroll has been threatening to write about mother of my children. Yes, this is how it works — Peter Jukes (@peterjukes) June 30, 2014 […]

The Rainbow Belongs to God: The British Connection

There has been a certain amount of hilarity in recent weeks over Scott Lively’s promotion of a ludicrous anti-gay song called The Rainbow Belongs to God, following its appearance on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight show. Lively explained the background back in June: It was written my friend Johny Noer, a Danish pastor living in the Negev […]

Some Notes on George Clooney, the Druze, and the Daily Mail

This one has gone global; from USA Today: [George] Clooney, 53, is refuting a Daily Mail story that says Baria Alamuddin, his future mother-in-law, is against the impending marriage for religious reasons. The story quotes unnamed sources as saying that Baria, a journalist and broadcaster in the Middle East and the United Kingdom, thinks her daughter “can do better” than […]

Someone Pretends to be a Daily Mail Journalist Pretending to be an Jihadi

Richard Ferrer writes, at the Independent: This week I became the story. I was called a “slimy Jew”, a “rabid zionist” and “filthy racist scum”. It started on Saturday night when sinister tweets began appearing on my timeline, claiming I’d been “tripped up”, had “got my comeuppance” and been a “naughty boy”. Next came a barrage of […]

Mega-Mosque “Intimidation” Mystery

A few weeks ago, Douglas Murray of the Gatestone Institute repeated a claim that a Muslim campaigner who had spoken out against plans for a large Tablighi Jamaat mosque in east London had withdrawn from a public inquiry due to alleged “witness intimidation”: Tehmina Kazi is a member [actually Director – RB] of British Muslims for […]

Geoffrey Dickens: Child Abuse Claims and Satanic Panic

The BBC reports: The Home Office is facing calls to explain why a 1980s dossier about alleged paedophiles at Westminster was “not retained or destroyed”. The document was handed to then Home Secretary Leon Brittan by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens. Lord Brittan passed concerns in it to the relevant authorities, but the file itself was […]