Hope Not Hate Claims that Paul Golding Used to Attend James McConnell’s Church

From Matthew Collins at Hope Not Hate: Much news in Northern Ireland today about the outrageous comments made by Belfast’s Pastor James McConnell and then the support he received for his comments by the First Minister, Peter Robinson. James McConnell described Islam as “heathen” and “satanic”, during an address at the Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle Church over a week […]

“World Civilizations” Conflab Held in China

From China Today: The Third Nishan Forum on World Civilizations was held in Ji-nan in Shandong province over three days last week. The conference, with a theme of “common human ethics amid different beliefs,” attracted some 130 experts and academics on philosophy, theology, religious and cultural studies from different cultural backgrounds. …Xu Jialu, president of the […]

Kazakh Atheist May Face Seven-Year Sentence

Euasianet draws attention to the predicament of Kazakh atheist Aleksandr Kharlamov, currently living on bail in the town of Ridder: …Kharlamov, a staunch atheist, is accused of stoking religious tensions in a Kafkaesque case which could see him jailed for seven years. Kharlamov has already spent six months behind bars, some of it in a psychiatric ward, broadening […]

Yakunin Denounces “Vulgar Ethno-Fascism” Of Eurovision At Russia–Germany Conference

I’m a few days late with this one; Reuters has the latest from Vladimir Yakunin: A confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West on Thursday of trying to impose decadent values on the rest of the world, saying the bearded drag queen who won the Eurovision Song Contest last weekend symbolized its “ethno-fascism.” […]

No, Babylon and the Tower of Babel are Not in Saudi Arabia

From Jim Fletcher, WND columnist and “now director of the apologetics group Prophecy Matters” A prominent Bible-prophecy teacher claims the true site of the biblical Tower of Babel is in Saudi Arabia and the concept of “Mystery Babylon” actually refers to Mecca, not the Vatican, as some researchers of Scripture claim. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s no […]

Turkey Provides Gambia with 10,000 Korans

From The Point (Banjul, Gambia): The Turkish Embassy in Banjul Thursday handed over 10,000 Quranic copies to the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC), at a ceremony held at the Council’s head office in Kanifing. Speaking at the ceremony, Ergin Soner, Turkish Ambassador, said he was very happy to be associated with such a prominent Islamic council. […]

Convictions Against Dead Sea Scrolls Sockpuppeter Partially Upheld

Robert Cargill reports: The NY Court of Appeals upheld 9 convictions of criminal impersonation and all 10 forgery convictions in the case of the People of NY v. Raphael Golb, in which the defendant created an army of pseudonymous online sock puppets to criticize, harass, and ultimately impersonate various scholars who disagreed with the academic findings of his […]

World Congress of Families Presents Award to Christian Concern’s Andrea Minichiello Williams

From J. Lester Feder at Buzzfeed: An Australian cabinet minister, a British lawyer, and a Venezuelan activist are among those who will be honored later this year by the World Congress of Families (WCF), the U.S.-based global organization that opposes LGBT and abortion rights. Australian Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews will be named 2014’s “Natural Family […]

Daily Telegraph Highlights Exorcism Course In Rome

The Daily Telegraph reports on a course in Rome that …aims to train about 200 Roman Catholic priests from more than 30 countries in how to cast out evil from people who believe themselves to be in thrall to the Devil. The conference, “Exorcism and Prayers of Liberation”, has also attracted psychiatrists, sociologists, doctors and criminologists […]

Mo Ansar: Some Notes On Recent Controversies

From Jeremy Duns, on Twitter: People asking me about Mo Ansar, here was his sockpuppet account, @The_Truthteller, originally called @MoAnsar2 [Link] Ansar, who is known as a UK Muslim media commentator, says that he has been “smeared”; @The_Truthteller has now disappeared, although its author said before departing that he (or she) had taken Ansar’s name at one […]