Christian Right Launches Attack On Wrong Medical Body Over Misrepresented New Paraphilia Definitions

Charisma News brings news of a breathless announcement from the American Family Association: A shocking announcement made by the American Psychological Association (APA) in its latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders caused an uproar among pro-family organizations and many others, as the APA states it now classifies pedophilia as a sexual orientation or […]

BBC Airs Documentary on Tommy Robinson and Mo Ansar

Producer says show was harder to make “than a series on Northern Ireland at the height of The Troubles, harder than three exposés on the Church of Scientology” Broadcast magazine has an interesting article by the executive producer of When Tommy Met Mo, last night’s BBC documentary about Tommy Robinson’s meetings with Mo Ansar and other British […]

Billy Graham, WorldNetDaily, and the End of the World

From WorldNetDaily (WND) again, last week: Just as Noah did in ancient times, world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham is sounding the alarm that the Second Coming is “near” and signs of the end of the age are “converging now for the first time since Jesus made those predictions.” …In an exclusive email interview with WND, Graham, 94, […]

Together At Last: The “Alien Savior” and the “Islamic Anti-Christ”

Wow, it feels like a whole two months since I last noted an apocalyptic conflab among US Christians; from (as ever) WorldNetDaily (WND): The major challenges facing American Christians in the coming months, “the Vatican, the pope and UFOs,” Islam in biblical prophecy and the Dead Sea Scrolls are among the fascinating topics slated for this […]

Together Yet Again: Allan Carlson, Larry Jacobs, and Vladimir Yakunin Talk Family Values

A press release by Don Feder (more on him here) on behalf of the World Public Forum: (Rhodes, Greece) Dr Allan C. Carlson, International Secretary of the World Congress of Families and President of the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society spoke “Family Structure, Educational Liberty and Creative Genius” at the Rhodes Forum October 2-6. […]

WorldNetDaily Promotes End-Times Theory Involving Dead Kabbalist and Ariel Sharon

From – once again – WorldNetDaily (WND): He was, without doubt, the most venerated rabbi in Israel at the age of 108. …But when Yitzhak Kaduri’s much-anticipated letter announcing the name of the Messiah he claimed to have encountered was unsealed a year after his death [in 2006], the Israeli press and world media that found […]

Pamela Geller Repudiates Tommy Robinson

Once again (alas), I am obliged to quote Pamela Geller: [T]he night before he made his announcement, Tommy tried to contact me numerous times on Skype and by phone while I was busy with other matters[*]. It was clear that it was urgent. Finally, we spoke on the phone, and it was on that phone call […]

Quilliam v Geller: The Battle For Tommy Robinson’s Soul

Ghaffar Hussain, head of “outreach and training” at Quilliam: An old Chinese proverb goes ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. Tommy [Robinson] s defection from the EDL [see here], an organisation that he helped form in 2009, represents a first step in a positive direction. His defection was accompanied by regrets, […]

Quilliam Foundation “Facilitates” EDL Leaders’ Exit From Organisation

Today’s big story, currently receiving saturation news coverage: QUILLIAM FACILITATES TOMMY ROBINSON LEAVING THE ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE Quilliam is proud to announce that Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, the leaders of the anti-Islamist group, the English Defence League (EDL), have decided to leave the group. Having set up the EDL, infamous for its street protests, […]

New Bloody Book From John Hagee

WorldNetDaily (WND) has a question for us: Are You Ready for 2014 Biblical Blood Moons? The hottest Christian book in the world right now is called “Four Blood Moons” by Pastor John Hagee. It is creating a sensation in the publishing world and in churches. On Passover 2014 the first of a series of mysterious astronomical […]