Tim LaHaye Backs “Glenn Beck’s End-Times Prophet” on Islamic Antichrist

A coup for “Glenn Beck’s End-Times Prophet” Joel Richardson: “In The Islamic Antichrist, Joel Richardson reveals that the return of the Islamic Imam of the 12th century is none other than the Antichrist of Revelation. Every preacher in America should read this book.” —Tim Lahaye One wonders why LaHaye didn’t make this discovery himself, given […]

The Great British Paedo Twitch-Fork

For the last week or so, British Twitter-users have been re-tweeting a list of well-known Conservative Party politicians and activists, based on a rumour that they were members of a elite paedophile ring operating in the 1980s. Some users have made direct accusations, while others have merely posted the names with “nudge-nudge wink-wink” comments attached. […]

Claim that Ancient Cedar Beams are being Burned in Jerusalem

From Arutz Sheva: Video: Arabs Burning ‘First Temple Cedars of Lebanon’ A group of Jews that ascended the Temple Mount Sunday were shocked to see that ancient beams of wood that had apparently been used during the period of the Holy Temple were being used as firewood by Arabs on the Mount, and off it. The […]

Nadine Dorries MP Seizes Self-Promotion Opportunity, Film at 11

As is being widely reported: The Conservative party has suspended Nadine Dorries after it emerged she is to take time off from parliament to be a contestant in ITV’s jungle-based reality show I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here. …Dorries, who has flown to Australia to prepare for the show – which is set in an […]

Enjoy “End-Time Insights from Joseph Farah” While on Holiday in Israel

How’s this for an offer? WASHINGTON – The author of the No. 1 Christian book of 2012 and the producer of the No. 1 faith film of 2012 have teamed up for a super-tour of Israel one year from now. Jonathan Cahn, the author of the runaway bestseller “The Harbinger,” and WND’s Joseph Farah, producer of […]

Mitt Romney and the Return of Christ

There is renewed attention on 2007 comments made by Mitt Romney on the subject of the return of Christ; Hollywood Reporter notes: Taped during Romney’s first presidential run on Aug. 4, 2007, the five-minute video features Romney defending his views to conservative radio host Jan Mickelson… The video has been a hot topic on Twitter since being uploaded […]

Evangelists Receive Visions from God Confirming Divine Endorsement of Romney

As the election approaches, US neo-Pentecostal magazine of record Charisma is urging readers to vote for Romney. The magazine’s owner, Stephen Strang, listed his reasons a couple of days ago, but he’s also heavily promoting evangelists who claim to have received special supernatural signs from God. First up, Lou Engle:  …my closest friend (and a true prophet in my […]