George Galloway Claims that Police Officer with Role Investigating “Radical Muslim Groups” Engaged in Dirty Tricks Against Him

George Galloway writes to the Home Secretary: I am writing to you to ask you to investigate the behaviour of a senior member of the Metropolitan police’s counter-terrorism squad SO15 who, I believe, has been carrying out a campaign of vilification – a dirty tricks operation – against me in my constituency using police facilities […]

BBC Notes Evangelical Church Role in Anti-Gay Legislation in Ukraine

A few days ago, the BBC reported on pending legislation in Ukraine which would criminalise any “positive depiction” of gay people. The report notes the involvement of the Christian Hope evangelical church in Kiev, describing it as  “One of the legislation’s incubators”. The article includes an encounter with the church’s pastor, Valery Reshetinsky: In his opinion, […]

WND Still Promoting Debunked “Obama Wears Muslim Ring” Conspiracy

Claim endorsed by William Murray, Mark Gabriel, and Pamela Geller Last week, WND‘s Jerome Corsi put forward the conspiracy theory that Barack Obama wears a ring engraved in Arabic with the words “In the Name of Allah”, the fifth part of the Muslim declaration of faith, or Shahada. The theory relied on an image blown up […]

Senators and Representatives Thank Joseph Farah for Apocalyptic Paperback and DVD

From WND: It was at the Congressional Black Caucus that Sen. John Edwards, D-S.C., then a vice presidential running mate with Sen. John Kerry, made a speech in which he cited the words of Isaiah 9:10 on the third anniversary of 9/11 in explaining how the U.S. could respond. In fact, he didn’t just site the […]

Al-Muhajiroun “Massacre” Slogan Reappears in Indian Protest

In February 2006, the media noted the presence of sanguinary signs at a protest organised by an al-Muhajiroun front-group outside the Danish embassy in London. The signs bore slogans such as “Massacre those who Insult Islam”, and they were crudely but distinctively created with black marker-pens and white cardboard. The phrase “Massacre those who Insult Islam” has now […]

UK Thug Uses US DMCA Takedown Notice to Suppress Information about Him

Who would have thought that having a webhost in the USA rather than the UK would actually come with a free speech disadvantage? For an explanation as to why this blog disappeared for a few hours, and why the entry for 27 September 2012 is now missing, please see reports at BoingBoing and TorrentFreak.

Apocalyptic Christians Gather for Conference in Eden Prairie

Speaker Warns of “Nuclear 9/11, or a Financial Apocalypse or even an Oil Crisis” for USA “Similarities Between Nazi Germany and America Today” Repeal of DADT Caused Heatwave WND reports from an apocalyptically-minded conference that recently took place in Eden Prairie, Minnesota: Attendees traveled from as far away as India and Jerusalem for the 15th […]

Speaker at SION Conference: Muslims “Breed Like Rats”, Islam “Can be Wiped Out”

Militant Hindu has elsewhere attacked Christian missionaries, “Hindu traitors” etc. A couple of sites have drawn attention to a 25 September article about Pamela Geller’s 11 September “SION” conference (I discussed English Defence League involvement with this event here). The piece, by Aaron Labaree and published by Guernica, ascribes immoderate words to one of the speakers, […]

Bill to Promote Native American Economic Development through Investment by Turkish Businesses Prompts “Islamization” Conspiracy Theory

PJ Media has a piece by Marc J. Fink, “Director of Islamist Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum”: Recently, Native American Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK, member of the Chickasaw Nation) introduced H.R. 2362, the Indian Trade and Investment Demonstration Project. The bill singles out Turkish-owned companies for exclusive investment preferences and special rights […]

U.S. Senator Patrick Toomey and Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley Attend Prayer Breakfast with Gen. “Jerry” Boykin

The Pocono Record reports from the Pocono Leadership Prayer Breakfast: Retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin told how faith and prayer sustained him through combat in the Iranian desert, Grenada and Mogadishu. “I worry about our country but I believe revival is coming to America,” Boykin told 870 people gathered at Camelback resort. Boykin said he […]