Book by Author Endorsed by Mike Huckabee and Glenn Beck Withdrawn by Publisher

Michelle Goldberg writes: At the Rediscovering God in America conference in 2011, Mike Huckabee gave an impassioned introduction to David Barton, the religious right’s favorite revisionist historian. “I almost wish that there would be something like a simultaneous telecast and all Americans would be forced, forced—at gunpoint, no less—to listen to every David Barton message,” […]

Nigeria: Delta State Clerics Planned to Lead “Praise and Worship” For Corrupt Former Governor

(Photo taken by Akin Akintayo, who has some scathing commentary here) Nigeria’s Daily Times discusses recent birthday plans for James Ibori, former Governor of Delta State and currently serving 13 years in prison in the UK for committing massive fraud: In a statement on Thursday, the James Ibori Political Associates (JIPA) said the celebration – ‘Birthday of […]

Black Supremicist Hebrew Israelite Preachers Threaten Rape at Gay Day Protest in Grand Rapids

A story from Grand Rapids, via J. Bennett Rylah (H/T Ed Brayton): At the moment when I walked into Gay Day this past Saturday, it was surreal, like some kind of charming French romance… But, OH, we couldn’t have that for long. A group of protestors showed up to harass from the other side of a chain link fence. […]

Blogger Smeared After Complaining about Distortions Used to Fuel Death-Threat Fantasies

On-line thug Charlie Flowers fantasises about Tim Ireland being shot in the head: ‘Ermmmmm… ah. That’s Tom Wales, the guy that used to stalk women MPs. Someone kill him please.’ Duckie walked forward. Tom Wales had reached the window and was trying to lever himself out over the ledge. She pulled a pistol from her […]

Pamela Geller and the Q Society of Australia

Pamela Geller describes Saturday’s “Counter-Jihad” rally in Stockholm: …What has emerged from an intense forty-eight hour strategy session is the first activist leadership team uniting counter-jihadists in Europe, the U.S., and Australia: the President’s Council of Stop Islamization of Nations (SION). The initial members of the President’s Council are SIOE’s Anders Gravers; Tommy Robinson and […]

Todd Bentley Coming to the UK

From the Daily Mail: An evangelist who kicks followers in the face, claiming his violence will cure them of cancer, is to tour Britain this month – but his proposed visit has provoked outrage and demands that he be banned from entering the country. Tattooed preacher Todd Bentley, who as a 15-year-old was convicted of a […]

“Worldwide Counter-Jihad Meeting” to Include Alfred Rosenberg-(Fake)Quoting Occultist

Two days from now will see Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer consolidate links with the English Defence League at the “Worldwide Counter-Jihad Meeting” in Stockholm. The local Swedish Defence League will also be providing a couple of speakers at the event; Islamophobia Watch has cast an eye over them: The leading figure in the SDL, who has […]

Geller and Spencer: Michelle Malkin, Michael Savage etc “Sanction the Jihad and Sharia”

Oh noes! Pamela Geller writes: I could not help but notice, over the past few years, the right wing blogosphere’s silence on jihad and Islam…. The first jolt and obvious disconnect was back in 2008, when Michelle Malkin and Hot Air suddenly and without explanation stopped running Robert Spencer’s “Blogging the Quran” series and his […]