John Giduck Files Lawsuit against Special Operations Community Network

Last year, I noted a long report in the Washington Monthly about the quality of counter-terrorism training being given to US law-enforcement agencies. Among those discussed critically in the article was a certain John Giduck, a lawyer who has worked in Russia: …He claims to have trained with multiple Russian special forces units, and to be certified by […]

Country Described by Rick Warren as “Model for Africa” Accused of Backing Rebels in DR Congo

From the Christian Post, March 2012: Rick Warren Guiding Rwanda’s New Leaders, Calls Nation His ‘Other Home’ At a prayer breakfast at Kigali Serena Hotel on Sunday, March 18, Warren spoke to Rwanda’s spiritual leaders along with several government officials, including Prime Minister Dr. Pierre Damien Habumuremyi. …”Rwanda is now a model for Africa and in […]

Burmese Monks and Groups Oppose Rohingya

I’m a few days late with this; from the Independent: Monks who played a vital role in Burma’s recent struggle for democracy have been accused of fuelling ethnic tensions in the country by calling on people to shun a Muslim community that has suffered decades of abuse. …The outburst against the Rohingya, often described as one […]

Charlie Flowers Makes New Paedo-Smear Threat

Well, it doesn’t get more explicit than this, does it? On Facebook, on-line vigilante thug Charlie Flowers discusses an e-book he’s self-published: …the book portrays everyone who’s pissed me off in the last two years as dirty paedophile child molesters. Oh dear, Darcy Jones and Rosie Geefe and all your blogger friends, didn’t see that […]

Self-Proclaimed Former CIA “Double Agent” Inside Revolutionary Guards Under Scrutiny

Lectures at Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy From Jeff Stein’s “Spytalk” blog at the Washington Post, July 2010: Reza Kahlili, a self-proclaimed former CIA “double agent” inside Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, appeared in disguise at a Washington think tank Friday claiming that Iran has developed weapons-grade uranium and missiles ready to carry nuclear warheads. …Kahlili was showcased Friday by […]

Smear against Huma Abedin Endorsed by Michele Bachmann, Repudiated by High-Profile Republicans

Smear first made by Walid Shoebat last year This one is being widely reported; from Politico: They were long afraid to do it, but now conservatives have their knives out for Rep. Michele Bachmann. Senators in her own party, congressional candidates, a lawmaker in her state’s delegation and leaders of the House Republican Conference are all […]

Islamic Clerics Issue Statement in Support of Patrick Sookhdeo

From a lengthy statement posted to this blog (and elsewhere) by the Christian Muslim Council: We write as the Muslim Chair and Muslim Council members of the Christian Muslim Council (also known as “La Ikraha” – “No Compulsion”), a charity working to promote joint Muslim and Christian co-operation to defend religious freedom and challenge the heinous […]

Patrick Sookhdeo’s Links to UK Military Noted

Ben White draws attention to associations between Patrick Sookhdeo and the British military: He is a visiting fellow at Cranfield University, “the academic provider and partner to the Defence Academy,” and, at conferences organized by the latter, Sookhdeo has spoken on topics like “theological and psychological drivers of contemporary terrorist violence” (“Countering Insurgency and Terrorism,” […]

Charlie Flowers Writes Massacre Fantasy, Employs Paedo-Smears

Charlie Flowers has written a disturbing and unpleasant wish-fulfilment fantasy in which he commits a “massacre of the bloggers” at a Sceptics in the Pub event in London. Among those killed is Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads, shot through the eye as he begs for mercy, while I save my life by confessing to being SWP (I’m […]

Bradlee Dean Complains of Judge’s “Prejudice” against “Conservative Christian Advocacy”

Several websites have noted the latest developments in Bradlee Dean’s lawsuit against Rachel Maddow and MSNBC. WND‘s Bob Unrah summarized Dean’s case last summer: Dean, a renowned hard metal rocker who became a Christian after suffering a hard life as a young boy, has dedicated his life to his ministry’s mission, the group said. He once […]