Charlie Flowers and NAMP’s “Unresolved Investigation”

Writing on Facebook, on-line troll Charlie Flowers has confirmed, with his usual swagger, that he was the “unnamed man” about whom the National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) contacted the Home Secretary a while ago: The letter referenced above from NAMP to the Home Office about me? That was the main reason they lost their funding. […]

Together at Long Last: Pam Geller and the English Defence League

In 2010, Pam Geller announced a “Global Freedom Initiative” of anti-Islam activists. Not much followed, but in January of this year she promised a “a new global force”, called Stop Islamization of Nations, to bring together European and American “Stop Islamization” franchises. Now, yet another umbrella organisation has been unveiled, finally cementing her stormy on-off relationship with […]

The EDL: “An Unresolved Investigation”

From the Independent, 31 July 2011: Britain’s National Association of Muslim Police (Namp) will deliver a letter to Theresa May, the Home Secretary, stating that its officers have been targeted by radicalised members of the EDL. It details an unresolved investigation of an unidentified man arrested last year with “quantities of fireworks/devices” alongside names of […]

Joseph Farah Puffs “Hebrew Roots” Teacher Michael Rood

From WND: If you’re not familiar with [Michael] Rood’s amazingly insightful teachings of Hebrew roots, there’s plenty more that will “blow you away,” says WND founder Joseph Farah.  Rood has earned a reputation as the “Messianic Matador,” who waves his tattered red cape in the face of the religious “bull” of his generation. His television series, […]

Alleged Extremism at Leyton Mosque Highlighted

The Independent reports: Leyton Mosque, which overlooks the Olympic Park, has been at the centre of a bitter dispute between rival factions for more than a year. Last month Dr Usama Hasan, a prominent theologian and one of the mosque’s imams, resigned following a string of disruptions by extremists who were angered by his lectures on […]

South Korea Ministry of Education Removes Evolution References from Textbooks

Nature reports: A petition to remove references to evolution from high-school textbooks claimed victory last month after the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) revealed that many of the publishers would produce revised editions that exclude examples of the evolution of the horse or of avian ancestor Archaeopteryx. …The campaign was led by the Society for […]

Nazarbayev Hosts Religious Leaders

Nicholas Baines, the Bishop of Bradford, has made several posts on his blog about the recent Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, which took place in Kazakhstan and where he represented the Archbishop of Canterbury. He writes: Sitting in the Pyramid at the heart of Astana, the astonishing capital city of Kazakhstan, it is […]

Salon Profiles “Islamic Antichrist” Author Joel Richardson

Salon has a brief profile of Joel Richardson, author of several books on how the Bible predicts a “Muslim Anti-Christ”: His 2009 book “The Islamic Antichrist: The Shocking Truth About the Nature of the Beast” became an unlikely New York Times bestseller despite not benefiting from any substantial publisher promotion or press treatment. He has been discussed in […]

London Mayor’s “Muslim Engagement” Expert “Likes” Thug’s Abuse

Added “Like” to comments calling me a “fat cunt” and boasting of harassment Yesterday, I noted in passing that Allegra Mostyn-Owen, who a few days ago was reportedly chosen by her ex-husband Boris Johnson to join a London Mayoral “Muslim Engagement Task Force” (she teaches art at a mosque in east London and is married […]