“Conservative Leaders from around the World” Gather in Berkshire

From the website of the Leadership Institute: Once a year, the Leadership Institute organizes the International School of Fundraising for key conservative leaders from around the world. Held in Berkshire, England, this week-long training gives you the chance to develop effective skills in fundraising for both candidates and causes. The event took place from 30 […]

Christian Concern, the World Congress of Families, and Nadine Dorries vs Gay Marriage

A press release from Don Feder: Christian Concern is a founding member of Coalition for Marriage. The Coalition’s “Don’t Play Politics With Marriage” Petition has reached over 407,000 signatures. In response to Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron’s plans to legalize so-called same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom, the petition states: “I support the legal definition […]

New Paedo Smear Attack on Tim Ireland After He Contacts Conservative Activist

Tim Ireland writes: On 8 April I tracked Douglas Morpeth’s receipt of my email making him aware of this article. He made no effort to communicate any response to me, but less than 24 hours later, I was smeared as a paedophile again (i.e. in the first attack of its kind since the 2009 event). […]

The Christian Right, the OSJ, and the WPF: Some Overlaps

Independent Christian Churches International was founded in 1973 by the late Donald Ned Hicks, to serve as an Ordaining body for men and women who felt a calling to the ministry. Over 8,000 ministers have been ordained since the inception of the Independent Christian Churches International. The current head of the organisation is Archbishop Gregory Holley, and I’ve […]

US State Department Goes “Further Than Ever Before” in Statement on MEK for BBC Documentary

The BBC World Service has broadcast a documentary on the MEK, presented by Owen Bennett-Jones and entitled “The Strange World of the People’s Mujahedin”. The end of the programme includes the following: Bennett-Jones: In an exclusive statement for this programme, [the State Department has] gone further than ever before in clearly stating what it thinks […]

Terry Jones in Florida and Dearborn

A 9 March posting on the website of the Republican Liberty Caucus  of Northeast Florida on the subject of blasphemy (taken from another source) describes Pastor Terry Jones as “a deservedly obscure Florida pastor with a congregation of less than 50”. Whoops: Presidential Candidate Terry Jones will address The Republican Liberty Caucus of Northeast Florida on the […]

Bogus Attack Interview No Longer Online

Yesterday, I wrote about how in 2011 self-styled “terror tracker” named Dominic Wightman had used his Westminster Journal website to express his wish to run Tim Ireland and myself down with his car. Wightman – who formerly advised Patrick Mercer MP – has had a grudge against both of us since 2009, when we discovered that […]

May 2011: A Threat From Dominic Wightman

Last June, I wrote about an abusive attack on me which appeared on website called the Westminster Journal. Its author was a man named Dominic Wightman, who in 2006 had been in the public eye as a private “terror tracker” running an organisation called the “VIGIL Network”. VIGIL had subsequently collapsed in disarray, and in circumstances which […]

EDL’s Stephen Lennon on BBC Prog After Aarhus Rally: “I didn’t say ‘Breivik’. I said ‘Ribbit'”

Back in February, Channel 4 broadcast a documentary about Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson), the leader of the English Defence League. The programme featured an encounter between a somewhat lubricated Lennon and a Muslim security guard. It included the following: Guard: Not all Muslims are bad. Lennon: I know they’re not, bruv. I know they’re not. Just most […]