Yakunin and the Youth

News from India: India Youth Forum was organized by The International Youth Time Movement at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. The forum saw 130 international delegates and experts from 34 countries participate in dialogues on 5 key issues through Open Roundtables and interactive discussions. The conference opened with the plenary session Chaired by Mr. […]

Dagbladet Claims 4 Freedoms Held “Secret Meetings” in London Churches

From Norway, Dagbladet reports that Anders Breivik has stated under police interrogation that he was “inspired” (“inspirert”) by the 4 Freedoms website. This is not particularly surprising – 4 Freedoms is an “anti-jihad” forum, and it is well-known that Breivik read such such sites. However, 4 Freedoms is Alan Lake’s main vehicle for expounding his views, and […]

The Sun and “A Terrifying Reality”

Two days ago, as I blogged here, the Sun announced that “al-Qaeda fanatics are plotting a deadly cyanide poison attack on the London Olympics”. “Chief investigative reporter” Simon Hughes wrote that an unnamed “investigator” had spotted, on an unnamed website forum, that a certain “Abu Hija Ansari” had posted instructions, in Arabic, for mixing hand-cream with […]

John Sweeney Documentary on Mitt Romney and Mormonism

Last night saw the broadcast on BBC 2 of The Mormon Candidate, a documentary presented by John Sweeney. Mitt Romney provides a hook for a general discussion of the religion, focusing on various controversies: the fringe polygamists, the special underwear, the secret oaths, the baptisms of the dead, and complaints from ex-members in Utah about shunning […]

Sun Claims Cyanide Cream Olympic Terror Threat

From the Sun: AL-QAEDA fanatics are plotting a deadly cyanide poison attack on the London Olympics, a Sun investigation has found. The chilling online plot was uncovered as two convicted al-Qaeda terrorists were released early from jail and put back on the streets ahead of the Olympics. …An extremist who called himself Abu Hija Ansari […]

More Endorsements for “Islamic Antichrist” Theory

Joel Richardson (widely known as “Glenn Beck’s End-Times Prophet“) has a new book coming out in the autumn: Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case For an Islamic Antichrist. One might have thought that the well would be dry by now, but the author of The Islamic Antichrist: The Shocking Truth about the Real Nature of the […]

UK Abortion Providers Investigated “As a Priority”: Nadine Dorries Calls for Reform of Law

The Guardian, August 2011: The government has reversed its position on moves to strip charities and medics of their exclusive responsibility for counselling women seeking an abortion, saying it will now advise MPs to vote against proposals from a Conservative backbencher if they are put before the Commons next week. ….On Sunday, in an apparent attempt […]

News Sites Scrub Articles about “Islamist Resurgence” Symposium

UPDATE: See note at end of post Here’s an odd one: the Sun (“exclusive by Luke Heighton”), the Daily Mail (“by Tom Gardner”), and Christian Concern (sourced to the Daily Mail) have all scrubbed articles quoting statements attributed to Baroness Caroline Cox at a symposium held at the House of Lords on Monday 19 March. The symposium, entitled “Islamist […]

WND Downplays Beck and Boykin’s “Kony 2012” Soros Conspiracy Theory

The gang’s all here for this one; WND‘s Chelsea Schilling reports: A former senior Pentagon official told radio talk-show host Glenn Beck where to find the shocking truth about billionaire George Soros’ influence on President Obama’s decision to deploy U.S. troops to Uganda – as he directed Beck’s listeners to WND. On the March 9 GBTV […]

Police Informants and Islamic Terror Plots

The Guardian has an article about Craig Monteilh, an informant tasked by the FBI with infiltrating mosques in California: Monteilh’s story sounds like something out of a pulp thriller. Under the supervision of two FBI agents the muscle-bound fitness instructor created a fictitious French-Syrian altar ego, called Farouk Aziz. In this disguise in 2006 Monteilh started hanging […]