Nadine Dorries MP Reports Twitter-User to Police for “Libel”

Back in August, Nadine Dorries MP made the following statement in the Daily Mail: One particularly obsessive man recently followed me round with a camera, whipped up online hysteria against me and eventually had to accept a police caution for harassment. As I’ve blogged previously, the background to this claim was Tim Ireland’s invited presence […]

Paula White “Does Not Endorse” Ralph Messer “In Any Way”

(Updated – thanks to commentators below for highlighting relevant YouTube video) Paula White’s lawyer on White being wrapped in a Torah scroll by Ralph Messer: “My client categorically and unequivocally denies that that ever happened” Paula White on Rabbi Ralph Messer, 2009 (or perhaps earlier): With me today is my very special guest. He is no […]

Some Notes on Rabbi Ralph Messer

The recent “enthronement” of Bishop Eddie Long by “Hebrew Roots” Rabbi Ralph Messer continues to garner journalistic fascination. The Florida Courier reports: Orlando, Fla. is abuzz with word that Rabbi Ralph Messer is allegedly coming to New Destiny Christian Center, founded by the late Zachery Tims, to make Paula White a ‘queen’ during a Super Bowl […]

Eddie Long Declared “King” in Hebrew Roots Torah Scroll Ceremony

This one has been widely reported – from the Christian Post: A 14-minute video clip showing Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church being crowned by Rabbi Ralph Messer during one of the church’s televised services has gone viral, with members of the Christian community expressing complete confusion over the video. ….Messer offered […]

Boykin Withdraws from West Point Event, Warns Against “Leadership of the Country”

From OneNewsNow: A retired Army general and terrorism expert says he decided it was in the best interest of all parties involved to voluntarily withdraw from speaking at an upcoming prayer breakfast at the U.S. Military Academy. …In an interview Tuesday morning, Boykin told OneNewsNow that the pressure on the Academy regarding his scheduled participation […]