Beck and Brits at Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend

Last week (19-20 November) the David Horowitz Freedom Center held its 2011 “Restoration Weekend”. Reports from the event contain no surprises: the speakers were as expected, and the rhetoric predictable. The highlight appears to have been an address by Glenn Beck, who warned about the “dark, evil stuff” of the Occupy movement – he was introduced […]

A LAOSy Dimension to Greek Government

From Ekathimerini: In a bid to ease a crisis that brought Greece closer to a default and a eurozone exit, leaders of the PASOK socialists, New Democracy conservatives, and ultranationalist LAOS party last week agreed on an interim administration under technocrat economist Lucas Papademos. Since its establishment in 2000, LAOS has campaigned on an anti-immigrant, […]

Christian Concern Puffs MassResistance’s Anti-Occupy Counter Protest in Support of Anti-Gay Pastor

UK Christian Right lobby-group Christian Concern reports: There have been reports that ‘Occupy’ activists in America have started targeting Christians, in a new development for the protest movement. On 18 November ‘Occupy Springfield’ activists organised a demonstration outside a Christian coffee house, set up by Pastor Scott Lively as an inner-city Christian mission to Springfield, […]

Harry Cole Withholds Evidence of Harassment against Tim Ireland Out of Spite

“Harry Cole” is young conservative activist who edits a couple of websites and who appears in the media as a pundit from time to time. Yesterday, he used Twitter to make an accusation against Tim Ireland:  …he tried to get us to run fake evidence of his madness. Deeply odd. (1) …anyone with a basic […]

Bogus Satanic Ritual Abuse Accusation Resulted in Another Tragedy

The latest issue of Private Eye magazine (1302, p. 32) has an article about yet another tragedy resulting from a bogus accusation of Satanic Ritual Abuse, focusing on a mentally-ill woman who “was found dead in mysterious circumstances in 2005” after years of estrangement from her family. The woman, named Carole Myers (formerly Carol Felstead), had […]

Nadine Dorries MP: A Round-Up of Her Accusations

Last week, Tim Ireland published extracts from a letter which Nadine Dorries MP had sent to the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police in July 2010, in which she asked for the police to act against four individuals who were subjecting her performance as an MP to unwelcome critical scrutiny. The four individuals were: – Tim […]

EDL Makes Link with British Freedom Party

As has been widely reported, the English Defence League has entered into a formal association with a fringe-right political party, the British Freedom Party. The Gates of Vienna blog quotes “Gaia”, who was present the “EDL Way Forward Meeting” in Birmingham where the announcement was made: [Stephen Yaxley-Lennon] proposed an association between the EDL and BF. He […]

Texas Politician Gives Apocalyptic Novel to Benjamin Netanyahu

From Right Wing Watch: Family Research Council president Tony Perkins today had Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on his radio show Washington Watch Weekly to discuss their recent trip to Israel with a delegation that also included congressmen Louie Gohmert (R-TX), John Fleming (R-LA), Doug Lamborn (R-CO) and Randy Forbes (R-VA). Perkins and Jordan recounted their meeting with Prime Minister […]

Putin Confidant Brings Virgin Mary’s Belt to Moscow

From the Moscow News: The Belt of Our Blessed Virgin Mary, visiting from Athos, Greece, is to receive pilgrims from 10 am on Saturday, Nov. 19, in Christ the Savior Cathedral…. …The relic has seen huge crowds gather to visit it during its tour, which has already covered a number of cities… It has been […]

Christian Concern Makes Link with EDL-Supporting Group in Tennessee and Anti-Catholic Bible College Dean

Here’s one I overlooked from last month – from the Herald Citizen (Tennessee): Sam Solomon may be an expert on Sharia law — but he doesn’t practice it. Not anymore. And tomorrow, the former Muslim and Islamic jurist from England will be at Tennessee Tech — one of several stops he’s making in Middle Tennessee […]