Nadine Dorries Posts Report on Equatorial Guinea Trip

Amid media reports of “three Conservative MPs enjoy[ing] a £25,000 junket to Equatorial Guinea”, Nadine Dorries has finally managed to post on-line her critical account of her visit to the country in August. As was noted last week, the trip had been organised by an obscure outfit called the Triarius Foundation, which went on to produce […]

Channel 4 Looks At Prosperity Gospel in Nigeria

“God is a game. And do you know the funny part of it? The game is very easy.” Channel 4 yesterday broadcast Nigeria’s Millionaire Preachers, a short documentary in the Unreported World strand. The programme focused mainly on an up-and-coming evangelist named Sign Fireman; Fireman runs the Perfect Christianity Ministry, which has a number of branches and […]

World Congress of Families & Mother of God’s Belt to Persuade Russian Women to Have More Babies

A press release from Don Feder and the World Congress of Families: World Congress of Families Managing Director Larry Jacobs called Russia’s new abortion restrictions “a modest step in the right direction — but a positive development nonetheless.” …The World Congress of Families sponsored the first international conference dealing with the worldwide decline of birthrates — “The Moscow Demographic Summit: […]

Nadine Dorries MP vs Humanism

Nadine Dorries MP complains: The Humanist magazine are running an online ‘bad faith’ poll and I am apparently in the lead. I am not sure why anyone would admit to being a humanist and part of an organisation which has such extreme views. A humanist recently commented that, not only did he believe that abortion was acceptable right […]

Attempt to Use MPs to Puff Equatorial Guinea Backfires

November 2010: Chelgate Ltd’s Executive Vice-President, Adrian Yalland, enthuses on the BBC about “the importance of the Magna Carta”, noting the document’s enshrining of “basic human liberties” . Chelgate handles communications for the Magna Carta Trust. July 2011: Chelgate Ltd attends the unveiling of “Grosvenor Square’s new statue of President Reagan”; the company’s website notes […]

BBC Report on Human Sacrifice in Uganda Claims UK Link

A few days ago the BBC broadcast “The Witch Doctors’ Children” as part of its Our World strand; parts of the programme, which was presented by Chris Rogers, previously went out last week as segments on Newsnight. The documentary focused on Uganda, and covered child human sacrifice, the use of human body parts in juju rituals, and […]

Kamal Saleem Lecture in Midland Prompts Scrutiny

From the Midland Daily News (Michigan) in September: Self-described “former terrorist” Kamal Saleem will be speaking in Midland on Sunday and Monday as part of an effort to “wake America” to the threat of radical Islam in the United States, an organizer of the event says. “This man has a unique perspective on things,” said Midland […]

Doubts Raised About “Christian Rambo” Sam Childers

From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Hollywood’s glow is helping turn the Rev. Sam Childers from a self-proclaimed Pennsylvania hillbilly into a global brand. It’s also shining the glare of international scrutiny on his once-obscure Somerset County charity. The new movie “Machine Gun Preacher” portrays Childers, 49, of Central City as killing paramilitary terrorists with assault rifles […]

Feuding ex-Defence League Activists

In Norway, Dagbladet reports a strange story about Lena Andreassen, former head of the Norwegian Defence League. Andreassen has reappeared after being reported missing to the police while on a trip to the UK, and the paper has described and published what are alleged to be emails and texts from Alan Lake. Andreassen came to wider press […]

Sovereign Military Order of Malta Loses US Trademark Case; Accused of “Fraud” in Application Process

Following on from yesterday’s post, I’ve found this press release from the US law firm Holland & Knight: Holland & Knight successfully defended client The Florida Priory of Knights Hospitallers of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, the Ecumenical Order against charges of trademark infringement, false advertising and unfair competition issues. […]