Paul Mercer: The Spy Who Came into the Spotlight

Last month, the Guardian reported on exposed undercover police officer Mark Kennedy’s links to corporate spying: The undercover police officer whose unmasking led to the collapse of a trial of six environmental protesters on Monday apparently also worked as a corporate spy, according to documents seen by the Guardian. …In February 2010 – a month before […]

Jonathan Lord MP Admits Activists Engaged in Smearing

The above image comes from a pseudonymous attack blog which was used ahead of a 2007 council election* to smear a candidate as a paedophile. Tim Ireland determined it to be the work of two activists working for his local MP, Anne Milton, and he blogged about it at the time; as a result, he was […]

Gilbert Deya: Wife Jailed for Stealing Baby in Kenya; Nephew Jailed for Killing Son in UK

2005: THE wife of Archbishop Gilbert Deya, the controversial British-based evangelist who claims he can make women pregnant through the power of prayer, has been arrested hours after claiming to have given birth to a boy in the latest twist in Kenya’s “miracle babies” investigation. …Yesterday, Archbishop Deya said the baby was proof he was […]

Jerusalem UFO YouTube Videos Generate Headlines

A few days ago, the media treated us to a flurry of headlines about a supposed UFO in Jerusalem, the most dramatic being the Daily Mail‘s “Are aliens here? Shining white ‘UFO’ spotted over Jerusalem shrine‎”, the Daily Telegraph‘s “UFO hovers over Jerusalem shrine“; and Fox News’ “UFO Hovers Over Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock Shrine“. CBS at […]

Egypt Unrest Provokes Apocalyptic Hysteria

Hmm, let me think now…. WorldNetDaily reports: A mysterious, pale green figure seen in televised news coverage of the Egyptian riots has prompted some viewers to ask, “Could this be the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse?” …Between the crowds of protesters and barricades, the video shows a flowing, pale green image that resembles an erect […]

Daily Mail Reports Claim that Patrick Mercer MP was Attacked by Ex-Lover

Back in July, Patrick Mercer MP joked with Mail diarist Richard Kay about his ex-mistress: Tory MP Patrick Mercer tells me he has been issued with a personal alarm system by the police to help him avoid any unwelcome approaches by his thwarted ex-lover, Commons secretary Sarah Coyle. …While the dust settles, Mercer is off […]

Louis Theroux Meets Jewish and Christian Ultra-Zionists

On Thursday evening the BBC broadcast Louis Theroux and the Ultra Zionists, a documentary about Israeli settlers in the West Bank. Theroux is always worth a watch, although there are few surprises this time: the settlers come across for the most part as passive-aggressive (or just plain belligerent) and self-righteous, citing their divine “chosenness” by […]

Evening Standard‘s “Radioactive Dirty Bomb” Plot Report Scrutinised

Alarming news, tucked away on page 7 of the Evening Standard and on-line here, via political editor Joe Murphy: Foiled: plot to devastate capital with a radioactive ‘dirty bomb’ …Terrorists based overseas made detailed plans to smuggle a device into Britain and detonate it in the heart of the capital, to create panic and undermine […]

WorldNetDaily: The Rise of the Muslim Anti-Christ Explains Egypt Unrest

With uncertainty in the Middle East, prophecy hawkers inevitably see a new opportunity. Step forward Joel Richardson at WorldNetDaily: While no one knows the future, I believe that through a general understanding of the various geopolitical actors and atmosphere in the Middle East and surrounding regions, and a solid understanding of what the Bible says […]

Tim Ireland Calls Out Accusers

Tim Ireland is a blogger who has a fairly reasonable request: that those who use the internet or the media to influence public discourse, or to promote themselves as public figures, ought to be accountable and to take responsibility for the things they publish or write. His main area of interest is British politics, but […]