A Special Guest Conspiracy Theory: USA to be Islamic By End of Obama’s Second Term

David Corn has some fun with conspiracy theorist Avi Lipkin: …here’s the mother of all right-wing conspiracy theories: Obama is scheming to bring tens of millions of Muslims—perhaps up to 100 million—from the Middle East into the United States in order to turn this country into an Islamic nation by the end of his second […]

Governor Shekarau Claims He was “Misquoted” on Polio Vaccine Conspiracy Theory

The BBC’s interview programme HARDtalk has just featured Ibrahim Shekarau, Governor of Kano State in northern Nigeria and current presidential candidate. Among the issues discussed was Shekarau’s suspension of Kano’s polio vaccination programme, which had tragic results both in Nigeria and other countries. Interviewer Zeinab Badawi reminded the governor of a 2004 quote: It is a lesser of […]

Stephen Strang Suing Benny Hinn

From the Houston Chronicle, 2005: [Benny] Hinn, 52, is one of the most popular – and controversial – evangelist-healers in the nation. His daily This is Your Day! half-hour TV program is broadcast throughout the United States and 217 countries. His crusades regularly draw standing-room-only crowds. “I have a great deal of respect for his […]

US Bestseller: Heaven Exists, War against Satan will “Destroy this World”

As is being widely reported, one of the USA’s top-selling titles at the moment a book called Heaven is for Real, which purports to describe how a 4-year-old boy named Colton Burpo had a near-death experience in hospital in 2003, thus proving Christianity: While in heaven Colton says he saw many things and met many people […]

English Defence League Divisions Fall Out over Jewish Task Force

A statement from the English Defence League: Another week another story wound up into a frenzy by the far left[;] as a recent blog qui[te] rightly pointed out the EDL is a wet dream for the purposeless lefties… The ejaculatory and “purposeless lefties” in this instance would be, erm, the Jewish Chronicle, which recently reported […]

Together at Last: Joel Richardson and Glenn Beck

Joel Richardson has finally made it onto Glenn Beck’s show – WorldNetDaily reports: Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck today said Americans should be alarmed over the revelations of a WND Books product, The Islamic Antichrist, in which author Joel Richardson documents the similarities between the “bad guy” of the Bible, the Antichrist, and […]

Islamist Anti-Gay Stickers in London

Plastering stickers around an area is a cheap and easy way to generate publicity, and in London the strategy is particularly associated with various Islamist groups. The appearance of Islamist anti-gay stickers in Whitechapel has garnered some media attention: the stickers show a rainbow with a cross through it, on which is written “gay free zone”. Above […]

BBC Documentary Explores Anti-Gay Attitudes in Uganda

Yesterday evening BBC 3 broadcast The World’s Worst Place to Be Gay?, a documentary about Uganda presented by gay DJ Scott Mills. There are few surprises: gay people are forced to live in slums, rejected by their families and at risk of violence, while a sampling of random interviewees from the street shows a visceral hatred […]

Channel 4 Documentary on Extremism in Muslim School and Violence in Madrassa

Channel 4’s Dispatches has just broadcast a documentary on hard-line teaching in a Muslim school in the UK and violence in a madrassa attached to a mosque, using covert recording over a two-year period. The programme, entitled Lessons in Hate and Violence, can be seen in the UK here; it forms a follow-up to Dispatches‘ […]

Aide to Nadine Dorries MP Uses “Stalker” Smear to Deflect Scrutiny

From Bedfordshire on Sunday: MP’s aide quits her role after internet intrusion MP Nadine Dorries’ right hand woman has quit her job claiming to be a victim of ‘spiteful and fabricated tittle-tattle’ on the internet. Lynn Elson, a long time friend of the Mid Bedfordshire MP, has worked as Mrs Dorries’ researcher and media inquiry […]