OneNewsNow promotes “Ethnic Tensions” Conspiracy Theory

OneNewsNow has a book to puff: Dr. Michael Coffman, author of Rescuing a Broken America: Why America is Deeply Divided and How to Heal it Constitutionally, says ethnic tensions are a “hallmark” of the last days, because ethnic groups are said to rise against other ethnic groups in division and contention. “We’re seeing that beginning […]

Robert Spencer Scrubs Muslim “Provocation” Story

Robert Spencer reports on a Muslim outrage on a flight from London to Malta: Alas, the Malta Independent Online has further details: The story that made the rounds of the world that a Muslim man was apprehended on an Air Malta plane when he persisted in praying out aloud in the aisle just as the […]

“Ark Hunter” Vendyl Jones has Died

From Arutz Sheva: Noahide archaeologist who discovered an immense stock of incense used in the Second Temple as well as the aromatic anointing oil – has passed away at the age of 80. He was most famous for his search for the Ark of the Covenant. …His life goals began to take root when he […]

EDL Jewish Division Promotes “Satan’s Face in Dome of the Rock” Claim

Here’s an interesting one: l blogged on the EDL “Jewish Division” here. The video has not been created by the EDL – it’s actually been on the internet for several years, and it explains how Michael Cravatt, a “retired engineer and a devout Christian” spotted the image while on a visit to Jerusalem. The video goes […]

Center for Security Policy’s Comm Director Calls Comparison with Walid Shoebat a “Smear”

Here’s one I missed from last week: Dave Reaboi, Director of Communications at the Center for Security Policy, responded to the recent Washington Post article on private groups involved with advising law enforcement on terrorism: Yesterday’s feature, “Monitoring America,” by Dana Priest and William Arkin, intentionally distorts the role of outside experts training local law […]

Merry Christmas

Max Blumenthal on Anti-Islam Campaigning in the US

Max Blumenthal has written an overview of what he calls “the Great Islamophobic Crusade” in the USA, starting with the David Project’s opposition to Joseph Massad and culminating (so far) with the campaign against Cordoba House and with the Oklahoma “anti-Sharia” measure. He notes the role of one particular sugar daddy: One philanthropist in particular […]

Express Carries Bogus Complaint Against BBC Nativity Programme

Back on Sunday, the Express carried a thundering article by media hack David Stephenson: FURY OVER BBC’S NATIVITY INSULT In The Nativity, written by EastEnders scriptwriter Tony Jordan, 15-year-old Mary is attacked by people who do not believe her claim that she is pregnant by the Holy Spirit.Her husband Joseph accuses her of “whoring” and even […]

Guramit Singh in Anti-Muslim Tirade

“Stick your Allah up your arse, you cunt. Fuck em, fuck em, fuck em. I’m not being funny, fuck em. I may get arrested for this shit, but fuck em, fuck em, I’m not having it, fuck em, fuck em, fuck em, fuck em.” Speaking at an EDL rally in support of Geert Wilders in […]

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