Cyber-Bully Charlie Flowers Makes New Threat

Pseudo-activist Charlie Flowers is at it again, dispensing threats and abuse in the middle of the night on his “NiceOnesUK” Facebook page for the amusement of his various hangers-on: You’re going to love this guys- apparently the communist lowlife filth “Richard Bartholomew” has been writing letters to our members, trying to get them to “disassociate” […]

The Barnabas Fund vs Halal

From a brochure for the recent Second World Halal Forum Europe, subtitled Halal Products & Services – Going Mainstream: WHF EUROPE RESOLUTIONS: The World Halal Forum recognises the importance of animal welfare in the production of Halal food especially in the context of religious slaughter. The forum has resolved that organisations and communities involved in Halal food production […]

WorldNetDaily Runs Ad for Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Website

A visit to WorldNetDaily brings up a prominent pop-up from an advertiser: a site called, which promises to tell us “What Really Happened to the Catholic Church” (it also has a column ad on WND). Clicking on the link, or typing the url, in fact takes us to, where we find sections such as […]

BBC Panorama on Muslim Schools

As has been widely reported, the BBC’s Panorama ran a report on Monday by John Ware, entitled “British Schools, Islamic Rules”, about how certain schools may be promoting a segregationist mindset; although Ware made no reference to it, the programme came in the wake of a Telegraph report alleging that some Muslim schools in London received good […]

Weekend of Anti-Islam Events in Texas

The Killeen Daily Herald has an account of Sunday’s self-described “competing”  Fort Hood memorial event, making up for what they regard as the media’s failure to emphasise Malik Hasan’s religion: …Distinguishing moderate Muslims from would-be terrorists, [Retired Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin said that] Americans must realize they are at war “with a group of radical […]

Dead Sea Scrolls Cyber-Bully Gets Six Months

From the NY Times: A disbarred lawyer convicted of impersonating a Dead Sea Scrolls scholar and four other academics online in a campaign to discredit their work is going up the river. A judge Thursday sentenced Raphael Golb to six months behind bars – for his stealing his victims’ e-mail identities and trashing them. The background to this story […]

Some Notes on Forsaken Book Promoted by Nadine Dorries MP

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about Forsaken, a charity offering abortion counselling in Taunton; the charity has published a book, also called Forsaken, which was referenced by Nadine Dorries in a recent Parliamentary debate: …I shall finish by mentioning a book which is to be launched this month. It is published by the charity Forsaken, which is […]

Man Charged with “Soliciting Murder” over Islamic Extremist Website

News from Wolverhampton: A man has been charged with soliciting murder in relation to a blog listing MPs it claimed voted for the Iraq war. Bilal Zaheer Ahmad, 23, of Dunstall, Wolverhampton, was also charged with other offences under the Terrorism Act, West Midlands Police said… Ahmad is alleged to have made the posting to the notorious […]

Charismatic Catholic Spiritual Warfare in Poland

The Telegraph reports on a conference of Catholic exorcists in Poland: The national congress comes as part of a policy by Poland’s Catholic Church to lift the veil on what was once a secretive practice. Frustrated by the Hollywood image of cross-wielding exorcists engaged in dramatic conflicts with demons the Church intends to show the […]

Pamela Geller Announces New “Coalition”

Yet another annoucement from Pamela Geller: Our groups American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI)TM, Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI)TM, European Freedom Defense Initiative, European Freedom Initiative, Israel Freedom Initiative, SIOE, SIOA, SIAD,  SIO Poland, SIO Romania, SIO Bulgaria, SIO France, SIO Sweden, SIO Norway et al, are organized and led by Anders Gravers in Europe and Pamela […]