Small Grants for Cultural Preservation Create New Anti-Mosque Hysteria

The good Christians of the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow uncover a new outrage: According to The Associated Press, the Obama administration plans to spend nearly $6 million in American tax dollars to restore 63 historic and cultural sites around the world, including mosques and minarets in 55 countries. The projects include $76,000 for a 16th century […]

General J.C. Christian Talks With Prince Shannon Carson

A few days ago, as has been widely reported, a Gaineville-based militia group called Right Wing Extreme has backed away from its offer to “protect” the Dove World Outreach Center (I blogged on the church here) during its planned International Burn A Koran Day. Right Wing Extreme’s website carries a press release: After much thought and prayer the organization’s leadership […]

Glenn Beck’s Black Robe Regiment

As is being widely reported, Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally saw Beck share the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with “240 men and women of all faiths”, whom he identified – along with “thousands” of other clergy – with the “Black Robe Regiment” of pro-Revolutionary preachers. This follows on from the “pastors and preachers panel” which he assembled in July, where the […]

A Year with Email Sockpuppets

Over the past year, I have received a number of email messages from persons using fake or misleading identities. The motive appears to have been to try to manipulate my writing, or to fish either for information or for some quote which could be used against me. Usually, an IP proxy was used. Here’s the list: 1) 14 August […]

Third Segment from CNN on Child-Witches

CNN’s Connect the World has now broadcast the third and final part of its investigation into child-witch stigmatisation in Nigeria (I blogged parts one and two over the past two days). As before, the segment began with a depressing scene: in this instance, a young widow weeping with fear and distress as she rejects her three children from her […]

More from CNN on Pastors and Child-Witches in Africa

CNN’s Connect the World has broadcast the second part of its series on children who are being stigmatised as witches in Africa, focusing on the role of pastors [UPDATE: video here]. The programme drew on the 2008 documentary Saving Africa’s Witch-Children, which I blogged on here, and we saw once again the sad sight of Mary, the […]

CNN Highlights Child-Witch Stigmatisation

CNN’s Connect the World is broadcasting a three-part series on child-witch stigmatisation; as with other reports on the subject (most notably the documentaries for Channel 4 I blogged on here and here), there are depressing and poignant scenes of battered and bewildered homeless children who have been cast out by their families in Nigeria, thanks to pastors […]

Geller Slams “Half-Assed” NY Anti-Mosque Protest where Black American was Misidentified as Muslim and Abused

“Who organized this anti-mosque protest? Sharif El-Gamal?” Pam Geller is complaining about a “ill-conceived botched mess of a protest” which took place close to Ground Zero yesterday, at which a black man was abused by members of the crowd who mistook him for a Muslim. However, her post leads with her objection to a Tweet by Max Blumenthal on […]

Scottish Bible Society Cites Incest Case as Evidence of “The Bible in Scots Law”

Lallands Peat Worrier has a scan of the full text of The Bible in Scots Law: A Guide for Legal Practitioners. This is a short pamphlet which the Scottish Bible Society has recently sent out to Scottish courts, along with copies of the Bible itself (even though the Bible is already available in courts anyway, for […]

Andrew Brown Notes Robert Spencer’s UK Supporters

At the Guardian, Andrew Brown takes a look at some Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller’s European links, noting the views of Anders Gravers of Stop Islamisation of Europe, Geller’s support for the English Defence League, and Spencer’s association with Douglas Murray. Last year’s dinner fiasco is raised: Spencer was invited to supper by Murray of the Centre […]