Conversions and Conspiracy Theories and

The controversy over the censorship of South Park has brought renewed attention to, the website on which the threat to the programme’s makers was made (more accurately, it was a sinister “warning”, but the intent is clear). As has been widely reported, the site revels in being as distasteful as possible, while just about staying within US law; most egregiously, […]

Child-Witch-Finding Pastor Accused of Trafficking

Made children work in restaurants, took two-thirds of their earnings In January 2009 I wrote a short blog entry about Pastor Bawa Madaki, who was reported in Leadership Nigeria (link now dead) as having rescued the city of Masaka from “demon-possessed children” – another term for child-witches. Madaki got children to confess to causing misfortune by […]

Ex-Muslim President of Liberty University’s Baptist Theological Seminary Under Fire over Details of Biography

The president of Liberty University’s Baptist Theological Seminary, Ergun Caner, is currently facing serious scrutiny over his biography and Muslim past. A Christian blogger named Wade Burleson lays out the charges: Dr. Caner has publicly stated that he came to the United States at age fifteen having been trained to be a jihadist. In reality, Caner came to Ohio at […]

Hong Kong Evangelists Claim They “Ventured inside Wooden Compartments on Mount Ararat”

From the South China Morning Post: New evidence, including wood specimens dating back 4,800 years, discovered by a Hong Kong-Turkish team 4,000 metres above sea level, may suggest the existence of the biblical Noah’s ark. The team of 15, which included six Hong Kong evangelists and cameramen, said they had excavated and ventured inside seven […]

US Anti-Islam Polemicists Fall Out: Andrew Bostom Accuses Robert Spencer of Plagiarism

Robert Spencer has a typical diatribe at his Jihad Watch site, denouncing the idea that anti-Semitism was imported into Islam, rather than being an essential element of the religion. Fellow polemicist Andrew Bostom, however, has a blog post of his own, linking to Spencer’s article but describing him as “A Little King Plagiarist” of his own work. So what’s gone wrong? Just […]

Franklin Graham Pentagon Disinvite Controversy

Billy Graham is has always been discrete about his prejudices: his dislike of American Jews only came to light years after he famously told Richard Nixon that they “don’t know how I really feel about what they’re doing to this country”, and when plotting an anti-Catholic attack on Kennedy in 1960 he kept very much in the […]

“Our England Today” Protest at Preston KFC

The Lancashire Evening Post reports from Preston: Up to 20 members of Our England Today waved placards and St George’s Cross flags at KFC in Deepdale Shopping Park, Preston, on Friday. The restaurant is one of around 80 outlets across the country taking part in a trial following requests to provide halal food in parts of […]

Lou Engle’s TheCall Coming to Uganda

As is being widely reported (and as was originally noticed by Bruce Wilson back in December), Lou Engle is planning to descend on Uganda next week, as part of a “National Call of Repentence” organised by TheCall Uganda, a local off-shoot of his “The Call” organisation and coordinated by Jo Anna Watson of  TouchingHearts International. The event […]

Black Pastor Converts from BNP to the Christian Party

A couple of weeks ago Pastor James Gitau was campaigning on behalf of Rev Robert West and the BNP… now, according to a listing in the Croydon Guardian, he’s standing as the Christian Party Parliamentary candidate in Croydon Central. This site explains explains the Damascene moment: Pastor James Gitau who had surprised many people by joining the […]

The Wrath of God Explains Volcanoes: Russian Orthodox Edition

No big surprises here: a Russian Orthodox group called the Association of Orthodox Experts has pronounced that the Iceland volcano may be evidence of the wrath of God against gays and pagans. Interfax reports: …They noted that Iceland “has recently become a center of European neo-paganism of Aryan occult kind, which has Nazi character” as Iceland has headquartered […]