Vatican Satanic Panic

Father Gabriele Amorth, an Italian priest noted as an exorcist, has published a book-length interview entitled (in Italian) Memoirs of an Exorcist. It’s typically lurid fare, and the Italian media is of course lapping it up. Most attention has been given to Amorth’s claim that there are “Satanic cults” operating inside the Vatican, involving priests, monsignors, […]

Walid Shoebat Expands Internet Presence

Walid Shoebat’s website has had a make-over, and he has a new Twitter feed and Facebook page – all the better to make our flesh creep with tales of the evils of Islam, and of how the Bible predicts the rise of a Muslim anti-Christ (plus, of course, of how Obama is a secret Muslim). Shoebat’s handler, Keith Davies, […]

Belief in Demonized Children Leads to Deaths from Starvation in USA and in UK

Baltimore, USA: For more than a week, Ria Ramkissoon watched passively as her 1-year-old son wasted away, denied food and water because the older woman she lived with said it was God’s will. Javon Thompson was possessed by an evil spirit, Ramkissoon was told, because he didn’t say ”Amen” during a mealtime prayer. Javon didn’t […]

Zimbabwe “Ark of the Covenant” Unveiled

Last year, the Daily Express ran a wonderful headline: Has Mugabe Stolen the Lost Ark? According to the paper: The decayed wooden object ­lying neglected on a shelf in a museum storeroom didn’t look like anything too exciting. But for Tudor Parfitt, Professor of Jewish Studies at London’s School of African and Oriental Studies, its […]

Christian Groups vs Culture and Sport Glasgow

Here’s one I missed from last month, via the Times: Dr Bridget McConnell, head of Culture and Sport Glasgow (CSG), the £100 million charity in charge of the city’s culture, says she is alarmed by what she describes as a “personal witchhunt” against her. …Since July, when a row broke out over an art exhibition […]

English Defence League Announces Arrest of Leaders

  A statement from the English Defence League is doing the rounds: On Saturday 20th February 2010 Members of the leadership team of the English Defence League were arrested as they traveled to Scotland to support the Scottish Defence League demonstration. While in custody the team members homes and families homes were raided by police armed with automatic […]

A Kenyan Jazz Apostle, a News Anchorwoman, and Fake Emails Sent in Benny Hinn’s Name

Here’s an odd one – a famous Kenyan jazz musician named Joseph Hellon heads a church called the Finger of God Ministries, and has recently announced that he intends to run for president. As his running-mate he has named Esther Arunga, a former TV news anchor and lawyer who has recently quit her career and moved into […]

Sevenoaks Church Controversy Highlights Reform’s Views on Gender Roles

This is Kent reports from Sevenoaks, UK:  TENSIONS were running high at a Sevenoaks church in the second of a controversial two-part sermon on marriage.   Curate Mark Oden refused to back down after telling wives to be submissive, despite upsetting members of his congregation. Following a defiant service at St Nicholas Church in Rectory […]

The Christian Party and the Alliance for Democracy

A few days ago the Times reported on election campaigning in Barking, concentrating on the efforts of the BNP. However, it also told us that: A greater concern for Labour is the candidacy of the Rev George Hargreaves, leader of the Christian Party, who has strong links to the big Pentecostalist churches proliferating in the […]

Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill: Death for “Serial Offenders”

A blog named Waking Up Now has gone through the fine detail of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill. As has been widely reported, the Bill mandates the death penalty for “Aggravated Homosexuality”, which has been understood to mean homosexual rape and the deliberate/reckless spreading of HIV. It turns out that this is not the whole story: the blog author shows that “Aggravated Homosexuality” […]