Stephen Sizer vs Seismic Shock

Back in September Rev Stephen Sizer posted a blog entry about the blogger “Seismic Shock”. He told us that the blogger was being monitored by “various police authorities”, and that … Having now identified the author as a recent graduate of Leeds University, the authorities there confiscated his computer and have retrieved all his deleted files. Evidence of breaches […]

Charlie Brooker on Anjem Choudary in the Media

This just about says it all. And watch the whole programme here.

Charlie Flowers Threatens Tim Ireland’s Family with “Gypsy Curse”

Cyber-bully Charlie Flowers of the band The Fighting Cocks has stooped to a new low: from Princess Calamity [] to Tim Ireland date Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 12:02 AM subject Re: Publication of your email address Matyi is about to put a Gypsy curse on you and your entire family, at dawn tomorrow- and it’ll be a bad […]

Tim Ireland’s Endless Quest to Get a Straight Answer to a Simple Question

Tim Ireland has written a couple of new blog posts, outlining his dealings with a certain Jon Chappell (“Jonny Yeah”), who is an associate of members of a music band called The Fighting Cocks. Members of this band have formed a separate grouping called “The Cheerleaders“, and under a variety of pseudonyms they have been conducting a […]

Robert Cargill Finds “Virgin Rock” Where Jim Barfield Claims Copper Scroll Treasure Should Be

A few months ago I wrote several blog entries on Jim Barfield, a retired fire investigator from Oklahoma who was claiming to have discerned the true meaning of the Copper Scroll, an ancient Hebrew text (Dead Sea Scroll 3Q15) that supposedly records the burial place of some lost treasure, but which has proven difficult to […]

Pastor Blake Lorenz: Former Church Board “Demonically Possessed”

Cedntral Florida News 13 has posted online an audio of the meeting at which Pastor Blake Lorenz and his wife Beverly were relieved of their positions by board members of the Global Revolution Church. Lorenz, it will be recalled, was the pastor who arranged for 17-year-old Christian convert Rifqa Bary to flee from her Muslim parents in […]

Abusive Writings of Sikh EDL Supporter

Over at the Samosa, Secunder Kermani gives an account of postings he saw on the Facebook profile of Amit Singh, a British-born Sikh whose involvement in the English Defence League has been used as a counter to accusations that the EDL prmotes racism. Singh is not the only person belonging to an ethnic minority to be involved with […]

Rev Moon’s NGO to Hold “Holocaust Commemoration” in House of Lords

Rev Sun Myung Moon’s Universal Peace Federation announces an event  to be held in the House of Lords of the British Parliament: ‘Genocide Awareness and Holocaust Commemoration’ House of Lords Committee Room 4A (Map) Hosted by Lord King of West Bromwich 5:00 – 7:00 pm, 1st February, 2010 You are cordially invited to a discussion […]

A New Special Message From Rev Leroy Swailes

“The eleven extraterrestrial beings with their sneaky, kinky, stinky thinking” Last July, Rev Leroy Swailes found fame across the blogosphere with a bizarre testimony at a hearing by the District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics on the subject of same-sex marriage. Rev Swailes (denomination unknown) has now graced this blog with his futher pensées, in two lengthy comments which […]

Defamation Documentary on TV

Last Tuesday saw a broadcast in the UK of Defamation, a documentary by the Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir. The film is a diffuse exploration of perceptions of anti-Semitism among Jews in Israel and abroad, ranging from those who think that it’s an urgent and increasing danger, through to those who argue that the whole problem has been grossly exaggerated […]