Confirmed: Glen Jenvey Arrested on “Suspicion of Inciting Religious Hatred against Jews”

Many of the posts on this blog over the past year have concerned self-styled “anti-Jihadi” experts and activists in the UK; the trend was set in January, when Tim Ireland uncovered evidence which showed that a front-page story in the Sun about a terrorist plot against British Jews being discussed on a Muslim discussion board had been concocted by a supposed expert named Glen Jenvey. […]

Ship of Fools: The Price of Stupidity

Back at the end of January, the Lynchburg News & Advance reported on Liberty University’s Randall Price, who declared that he was preparing to go to Turkey in order to find Noah’s Ark: This summer Price, 57, plans to continue on a journey to prove just that as he joins an expedition to Mount Ararat. His team […]

The Fag End of Hassan Butt

Belatedly, via Paul Stott’s blog I see that the latest issue of Lobster is available as a free pdf download. Among the goodies is a piece by Solomon Hughes that casts a sceptical eye over Prospect magazine – in particular, Prospect‘s use of material derived from Hassan Butt, the supposed “reformed jihadi” who turned out to be a fantasist. […]

Religion Explains Unfortunate Events: Elephant Attack Edition

Back in September, the BBC reported on destruction caused by wild elephants in the Kandhamal district of Orissa, India: Hundreds of villagers have been forced to take shelter in camps in the Indian state of Orissa after repeated attacks by a herd of elephants. …Conservationists say this is because the natural habitats of the elephants are shrinking. […]

Mark Taha at Springbok Club

Interesting news from Alan Harvey’s Springbok Club:  The Springbok Club celebrated the Day of the Vow in December 2009 with a special commemoration gathering. Events commenced with devotions and musical entertainment by Mr. Robin Willow, following which the meeting was addressed by Mr. Mark Taha. Mr. Taha is an expert in post-WWII South African literature, and analysed […]

Tarako Christmas

Don’t worry – the baby is not meant to be Jesus; it is, of course, a Kewpie doll’s face grafted onto cod roe. Official website here (loud music alert); further details here.

Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches Repudiates BNP’s Rev Robert West

A comment arrives: Dear Sir, As a member of the [Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches] Council, I must respectfully disagree with both Rev West’s view of FIEC policy and with your interpretation of the FIEC’s reluctance to speak against the BNP. The FIEC has declined your invitation to castigate the BNP not because it wishes to endorse […]

Display Problem

For some reason parts of posts are appearing as blank spaces; please double-click on blank areas to see the missing bits. Any advice as to why this is happening and how to fix it gratefully received…

Private Eye: David Cameron Seeks to Retain PM’s Veto on Bishops

Private Eye magazine carries an interesting report (1252, p. 8) on Desmond Swayne MP’s recent intervention at a meeting of the Parliamentary Ecclesiastical Committee against a plan to amend the system by which suffragan bishops in the Church of England are appointed. Traditionally (i.e. since the 1970s), the church (in the form of the Crown Appointments Commission), […]

Stephen Green Calls for Gays and Adulterers to be Executed

The Pink News reports that Stephen Green has been discussing Uganda, as he enthuses over the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill: Stephen Green, leader of the Christian extremist group ‘Christian Voice’, remarked: “The Bible calls for the ultimate penalty for sodomy (Lev 20:13) and for rape (Deut 22:25), and our Lord upheld the death penalty when He called […]