John Coles and the Theme of Terrorism

As has been widely blogged, UK Sun hack John Coles has caused disgust across the Brit blogosphere with a nasty hachet job aimed at Steve Nutt, a young man of no interest to the wider public. This is because Nutt’s father is David Nutt, who until recently was the government’s main drugs advisor before being sacked after […]

Flip Benham: “Richard Bartholomew has the Spiritual Depth of a Pie Tin”

Rev. Flip Benham Here’s one I missed from the end of September – a blog post attributed to none other than Rev Flip Benham, Director of Operation Save America and Operation Rescue and famous as the man who baptized a repentant Norma McCorvey (“Roe” of “Roe vs Wade”), discussing my spiritual state (see here, scroll down – for some reason there’s no permalink): Richard […]

Nuremberg Rally: Health and Safety Edition

Via Right Wing Watch: Background here.


From press release by Gregg Wooding of I AM PR Services (“Mission: Overcoming evil with Good [News]”) on behalf of apocalyptic Christian author Joel Richardson: Is it coincidence that Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a devout Muslim, that 90 percent of the current world fighting involves Islamic terror movements, that Islam is the world’s fastest-growing […]

New Report on Libel Reform Launched

Yesterday I managed to get along to the Free Word Centre in Farringdon Road (London) for the launch of the Free Speech is not For Sale report and campaign for the reform of English libel law, initiated by English PEN and Index on Censorship. The event has been widely covered in the media; the current campaign has […]

Police Probe “The Revelations of the Mystics”

November 2003: Greater Manchester Police have confirmed they restarted a search for a missing man after receiving information from a psychic. It is understood the medium discovered the information about Vinny Derrick at an unrelated meeting. But officers have told the BBC the information was so convincing they decided to carry out a further search. […]

Author of Anti-Homosexuality Bill Selected for “Servant Leadership Team” after Meeting Held by US-Based “College of Prayer International”

Staying with Uganda, the New Vision reports the latest on David Bahati, the MP behind the proposed draconian “Anti-Homosexuality Bill”; he was among attendees at a recent prayer meeting for parliamentarians, after which (emphasis added) …eight MPs were selected to be in the servant leadership team for Parliament for three years. They included Ruth Tuma, Alice Alaso, […]

Rick Warren Repudiates Martin Ssempa

From Warren Throckmorton’s blog: STATEMENT FROM PASTOR RICK & KAY WARREN REGARDING ACTIVITIES OF MARTIN SSEMPA IN UGANDA  Martin Ssempa does not represent me, my wife Kay, Saddleback Church, nor the Global PEACE Plan strategy. In 2007, we completely severed contact with Mr. Ssempa  when we learned that his views and actions were in serious […]

Papers Profile Paul Staines

As Bonfire Night draws near, journalists use the occasion as an hook on which to write profiles of Paul Staines, who blogs as Guido Fawkes. The Catholic Herald has piece in which Staines discusses his cultural Catholic background (he admits to no longer having a “personal relationship with God”) and offers up some mysterious assertions about […]

Grim Reaper Backs EDL

The above picture shows one of the leaders of the English Defence League, delivering a speech in Leeds on Saturday.  His face is apparently obscured as he fears Muslim vengance (that was his explanation on Newsnight recently), although he promises us that Anjem Choudary will not be allowed to take over the UK. The Israeli flag has […]