Glen Jenvey: “Don’t Call Me Omar” – Explains that Conversion to Radical Islam was Bogus

August: October:  Back in January, it was shown that freelance “terror expert” Glen Jenvey had been making bogus postings to Muslim web forums which he would then use as evidence of Muslim extremism to generate stories in tabloid newspapers. The initial evidence was discovered by Tim Ireland, and confirmed by an audio recording in which Jenvey […]

Elie Wiesel Links with Pastor Who Promotes NWO Conspiracy Theories and Predicts “Part-Jewish” Anti-Christ

Talk to Action draws attention to the following event: Pastor John Hagee’s endorsement of John McCain in 2008 was famously repudiated by the presidential candidate after Talk to Action‘s Bruce Wilson uncovered a sermon in which Hagee described Hitler as a “hunter” sent by God to persuade Jews that they needed to establish the State of Israel. […]