More Jewish Temple Nonsense at WorldNetDaily

So, was the Jewish Temple secretly dismantled and moved to what later became Las Vegas, where it currently provides refuge to Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson? No, not quite: WND is just making a meal out of the long-known fact that the Roman armies which beseiged Jerusalem in 70CE consisted in large part of soldiers recruited […]

Glen Jenvey Confesses that He Wrote Fake Islamist Postings which Formed the Basis for Sun Front Page Story

The above headline – “Terror Target Sugar” – provided a front page splash for the Sun in January. The story explained that Muslims were plotting on an on-line forum to attack British Jews over Israel’s actions in Gaza; the paper’s evidence was postings made by a certain “Abu Islam” and brought to the attention of […]

Are We At the Bottom of the Barrel Yet?

WorldNetDaily strikes yet again: Obviously, this is meant to imply that something fishy is going on, and it should be seen in the context of the attacks on Obama’s late mother which WND editor Joseph Farah is now focusing his energies on – recently, Farah put forward the idea that Dunham was in fact Obama’s sister, and that she only pretended […]

Conspiracy On the Buses

Just a further thought on the idiotic hysteria over the “evacuation bus” which is being fanned by WorldNetDaily and Janet Porter, and which has been decisively debunked by RightWingWatch. Here’s the video that set it off: This sums up quite nicely the vacuous vanity which leads so many people to jump on the most absurd […]

Level Six Stupidity: Conspiracy Mongering Now Pandemic

One of the earliest topics I blogged about, back in 2004, was opposition to the polio vaccine in nothern Nigeria, where Islamists spread conspiracy theories about how the vaccine either spreads AIDS or causes to genital malformation in boys. But it’s not just developing countries where demagogues use fear and uncertainty around disease and medicine to fan […]

Rodney Howard-Browne Warns of “Introduction of the Antichrist” By US Government

Charisma has an article on neo-Pentecostal revivalist Rodney Howard Browne: He said in the last six months the U.S. has advanced socialistic policies that could lead to religious persecution, and eventually set the stage for a one-world government and the introduction of the Antichrist. “I don’t think the American church is ready for what’s coming because […]

Emmanuel Milingo to do Reality Show?

According to a rumour in the Italian media over the last couple of months, former Roman Catholic Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo (who is now a follower of Rev Moon) may be a contestant on a reality show named Isola dei Famosi, which is set on an Honduran island. Others who have been named as possible contestants include a […]

Apocalyptic Pastor Claims to be Protecting ex-Muslim Teenage Runaway

A blog at Christianity Today sounds a note of caution over the case of Fathima Rifqa Bary, a Sir Lankan teenager living in Ohio who recently fled to Orlando claiming that her parents planned to kill her for converting to Christianity: “They [my parents] threatened to kill me,” Bary says tearfully in a YouTube video …posted Tuesday. She goes […]

US Christian Radio Station Spreads “Obama’s Grandmother was his Mother” Theory

Crosstalk is a Christian radio programme described as a ministry of “VCY America“, “VCY” standing for “Voice of Christian Youth”. According to a blurb on its website: Crosstalk covers the issues that affect our world, our nation, our families and the Christian church from a perspective centered in the Word of God. Whether we discuss the […]

Casuals Khai!

A few days ago the “Casuals United” website changed its name to the “British Defence Leagues”, with links to the following groups: The English Defence League, the Welsh Defence League, the Scottish Defence League, and…erm, the Jewish Defence League. This final page links, as expected, to the American “Jewish Defense League”. The JDL, of course, is […]