Michael Savage: “I’m a Great Supporter of Organised Religion”

Michael Savage, speaking on BBC Radio 5 on June 02: I’ve supported the five major religions for the last fifteen years on the radio. I was talking about the great religions, including Islam, beginning in 1994. I’m a great supporter of organised religion. Savage, of course, claims that his anti-Islam comments have quoted out of […]

Sunday Times Article on Luton Tensions

The Sunday Times has an article recent events in Luton (blogged by me numerous times),  including the revelation that the town’s Sikh mayor was assaulted in March by a white youth as a protest against Islamic extremism: Kier [McElroy] ran up to him and fly-kicked him in the back. Councillor Lakhbir Singh, the mayor of Luton, a Sikh by faith, […]