Daily Mail Article on Luton anti-Muslim Violence

The Daily Mail has a background piece on last week’s debacle in Luton, during which a large number of yobs (some in gimp-like black balaclavas) supposedly showed their objections to Islamic extremism by rampaging through the town, attacking Asian-owned businesses, assaulting an Asian man, and informing the police that they are “fucking left-wing fucking cunts”. The Mail takes a […]

Christian Right Party Plays on BNP Fear

Pentecostal minister George Hargreaves has posters in South London explaining why voters should choose him on 4 June: MediaWatchWatch has some fun with the dodgy sentence structure (I suggest an en rule after “BNP); Harry’s Place scoffs at the claim, and notes Hargreaves’ Christian Right agenda – I blogged his anti-gay views here. He also once famously […]

Conspiracy Theories Mocked on WND

A t WorldNetDaily, a conservative US Radio host (Rusty Humphries) on the receiving end of an Islamist death threat mocks the reasoning abilities of Muslim fanatics: He…told WND the threat highlights the Islamic fundamentalist penchant for promoting the idea of grand conspiracies. “Everything is a huge conspiracy to the terrorists,” said Humphries. “On my many travels […]

French Government Consulted Biblical Studies Prof. Over Bush’s Views on “Gog and Magog”

In September 2007, a magazine published by the University of Lausanne (UNIL), Allez Savoir, ran an article by Jocelyn Rochat entitled “George W. Bush et le Code Ezéchiel”. It can be seen here; it begins: Quand il évoque la situation politique au Proche-Orient, le président des Etats-Unis voit Gog et Magog à l’oeuvre. Deux créatures […]

Luton Violence Update

Two blogs have further eyewitness accounts – including some corrective material – about Sunday’s events in Luton. They are Three Counties Unity and Reconciliationtalk. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail continues to use the wrong photo to illustrate the March Islamist anti-military protest; several people have suggested to me that the photo in fact shows a birthday parade […]

Daily Mail Uses Wrong Photo to Illustrate Islamist Luton Protest

In my previous blog entry I quoted the Daily Mail, but I didn’t scroll down to the end of the page. Consequently, I missed this: The caption says “Catalyst: Anti-war Islamists protested during an Army march in Luton earlier this year – partly sparking yesterday’s response”. However, the “anti-war Islamists” who provoked outrage in March […]

Violence at “Anti-Extremist” Rally in Luton

More strife in Luton; the Times reports: Nine people were arrested yesterday after trouble flared during a protest march against supposed Muslim extremists. …Yesterday there were about 500 protesters, some carrying banners with slogans such as “No Sharia Law in the UK” and “Respect our Troops”. Several cars were damaged after a small group split […]

Free Speech Withers: Libel Threat Against ISP Used to Pull Tory MP’s Blog

Tory MP Nadine Dorries is currently in the news due to comments on her blog complaining that MPs were the victims of a “McCarthyite witchhunt” over their expenses: an opinion which has embarrassed David Cameron. She has also attacked the motives of the Telegraph‘s owners, David and Frederick and Barclay, despite the fact that the Barclays […]

WorldNetDaily Describes Kahanist As “Self-Defense” Teacher

Here’s one I missed from a couple of weeks ago – a report for WorldNetDaily by Aaron Klein (who currently glowers strangely at readers from a advert for his new book) attacking Jacqui Smith tags a paragraph on the end about Mike Guzofsky, the far-right Israeli activist ncluded on Smith’s exclusion list: Making the list […]

Rick Warren-linked Ugandan Pastor Interrogated over “Sodomy” Allegations Against Rival Pastor

Ssempa on Kayanja: “I have no problem with Kayanja. He has never sodomised me.” The current anti-gay obsession in Uganda appears to be taking on the characteristics of  a seventeenth-century witch hysteria; Box Turtle Bulletin has a useful round-up: This latest campaign began nearly two and a half months ago when three American anti-gay activists spoke […]