Doug Phillips: The Vulgaria Monologue

Doug Phillips of Vision Forum rails against “Lesbian-feminist radicals, mother-goddess promoters, Marxists, Internet kooks, and even a professing Christian publication”: Welcome to the newly-formed “United States of Vulgaria.” All are welcome — except Christian, homeschool families with a “quiverfull” of children. Here politicians seek to fix their runaway spending policies by banning babies; television personalities […]

Daily Mail Nonsense on “666” Car

Claim: Burnt car supports Irenaeus’ Interpretation of the Book of Revelation A shocking headline in the Daily Mail: The devil’s work? Supercar with registration plate ‘666’ destroyed after it mysteriously bursts into flames Inevitably, this has now crossed the Atlantic to be linked by WorldNetDaily. Here’s what an unnamed but idiotic hack has to say: It’s commonly […]

Swine Fever: Health Ministers Respond

Saudi Arabian health minister Abdullah Al-Rabeeah responds to the threat of swine fever: “…we have intensifed precautionary measures to protect the public…We have been following the latest development of the disease through reports received from the World Health Organization (WHO). We have also instructed all health centers and departments to inform the ministry of suspected […]

As Seen on TV

…in the East Midlands section of the BBC Politics Show, discussing the BNP’s Rev Robert West. UPDATE: In the programme, Rev West shows the camera a diploma from the Apostolic Church Bible College in Penygroes (var. “Pen-y-groes”). This Apostolic Church is a Pentecostal denomination noted for having a “high” ecclesiology; the church’s website is here […]

The End of the World Explains Unfortunate Events, Part 94

Well, that didn’t take long: The author, Ray Gano (whom I last blogged here), explains that We as students of bible prophecy know that this is one of the signs of the times that Jesus spoke about.

BBC Documentary on Militarily Embedded Social Scientists

BBC Radio 4 has an interesting documentary on Human Terrain System, the military program which embeds social scientists (so far around 50) with the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s entitled “Anthropology at War”, although other discciplines have also been brought into the program, including Religious Studies. There’s postive input from Marcus Griffin, who chose […]

Oklahoma Ark-Eologist: “Arson Investigation Skills” to Find Lost Temple Treasure

More news via an email from the Christian Zionist “Jerusalem Connection”: Jim Barfield, a retired fire marshal from Oklahoma, believes he has cracked the code on The Copper Scroll.  Applying his arson investigation skills to the world’s most intriguing antiquities, he has achieved something that for four decades has eluded all other archeological and paleographical […]

More on March for England

Staying with the subject of nationalist protests (supposedly) against Islamic extremism, there has been an interesting exchange of views between a couple of commentators to this blog. One is Dave Smeeton, who organises “March for England” and is an associate of anti-Muslim blogger “Lionheart”, or Paul Ray. As I’ve blogged before, Smeeton has been keen to insist […]

US Anti-Islam Bloggers Argue over Luton Protests

Sadly No! draws attention to an interview with Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs: Johnson worries, in conversation and on his blog, that his old allies have been duped by far-right European political parties and have bought into wild attacks on the president that discredit their own causes. “I don’t think there is an anti-jihadist movement […]

Christian Zionist Attack on Bishop Tom Wright

Tom Wright, the Bishop of Durham, is one of the UK’s most respected evangelical Anglican intellectuals, and, as “N.T. Wright”, he is a scholar to be reckoned with in historical Jesus research. On Easter Sunday he gave a short exposition on the theology of the Resurrection, which has brought him under attack from Christian Zionists; Cranmer leads the charge, with […]