Christian Zionist Org Quotemines Martin Luther King

Hardline Christian Zionist outfit “Jerusalem Connection Intrnational” quotemines Martin Luther King to suggest he supported Israel during the Suez Crisis. From an essay by Shelly Neese published last month, entitled “Defining moments in American Black-Jewish relations“: 1956 (Suez Crisis) During Israel’s 1956 war with Egypt, Martin Luther King Jr. offers his support to Israel.   He delivers […]

Walid Shoebat Denounced by Former Co-Author

Back in July I wrote a blog entry entitled “Walid Shoebat: The Simon Altaf Connection“, in which I explored Shoebat’s erstwhile British co-author from several years ago, Simon Altaf (also known as Muhammad Altaf). Shoebat and Altaf wrote an apocalyptic book together, This is Our Eden, This is Our End, and they co-founded a website called […]

The Bishop and the Beauty Queen

Few things bring as much joy to a British tabloid headline-writer than a scandalous tale involving a bishop, and the  previously-obscure Bishop Richard Williamson has returned to the UK to massive media interest: “Nazi lie bishop hits Britain” was the Sun‘s take. Despite his extreme and uncompromising patriarchal views, it was a woman who rescued Williamson from the scrum […]

Glen Jenvey-Sourced Story Leads to High Court Writ

7 January 2009, front page of the Sun: 24 February, from the Guardian: The Apprentice star Sir Alan Sugar has begun legal action over a Sun front page story that alleged he was named on a “terror hit list”. …The businessman and TV star is understood to have been angry at the story, which he […]

Kinsolving Nails His Faeces to WorldNetDaily

Ed Brayton has a bit of easy fun with WorldNetDaily’s Les Kinsolving and his latest column, “Today’s Martin Luthers“, on Catholic revulsion against the Pope’s decision to revoke a decree of excommunication against the Society of St. Pius X. Says Kinsolving: It has been more than 491 years since a Roman Catholic priest and doctor of theology, […]

Threats Real and Bogus

No-one can sensibly deny that those who offend Islamic extremists can find themselves on the receiving end of threats and murderous violence, even if they live outside the Islamic world. Most famous, of course, was the religious judgement against Salman Rushdie passed 20 years ago; as the Economist recalls: Rarely had a book stirred up such intense feelings. […]

Five Years of Blogging

Exactly five years ago, I decided to start a blog (the above was the earliest I could dredge out of Wayback). I was a regular reader of various religious newssites, and I thought there was stuff there which ought be more widely known and discussed. Also, I often found myself chasing up background to news stories out of personal […]

Sookhdeo vs White Update

Since writing yesterday’s blog entry, a couple more details about the Sookhdeo-White spat have come to my attention. As I noted yesterday, White recently wrote a critical review of Sookhdeo’s book Global Jihad for Fulcrum, which he brought to the attention of an apparently harmless Muslim blogger who made a mocking pun on Sookhdeo’s surname (“Sookhdevil”). Sookhdeo is […]

Muslim Blogger Endorses Critical Review of Patrick Sookhdeo’s Book: Barnabas Fund Whips Up Hysteria

Recently, Ben White wrote a reasonable critique of Patrick Sookhdeo’s book Global Jihad: The Future in the Face of Militant Islam. White pointed out many shortcomings regarding Sookhdeo’s use of sources and theoretical assumptions, but he kept his deconstruction businesslike and avoided ad hominem attacks. I’ve haven’t read the book myself, but White’s review rings true – I […]

Rev. Moon Obamaballs

From the website True Parents: While in Korea after the US presidential election, [Unification Church Bishop] Ki Hoon Kim felt strongly that America and Barack Obama immediately needed True Parents’ blessing. Thus, when he met with True Parents [i.e. Rev and Mrs Moon] in November 2008, he received True Father’s signature on a picture of Barack Obama at the […]