Christian Right “Spiritual Warfare” Rhetoric at Fever Pitch

A new email newsletter from James Hutchens and his “Jerusalem Connection” Christian Zionist outfit directs me to “A Prophetic Warning” from Pastor Steve Foss. Foss (a protégé of Morris Cerullo) apparently received a message from God in 2000 that George Bush would just about scrape home for his first term, and that there would be […]

Nigerian Governor Declares Himself to be “Religious Hero” over Shariah Implementation

A hilarious quote from Ibrahim Shekarau, governor of Kano state in Nigeria: “Other religious heroes and reformers that came before me were equally mocked and ridiculed, so this is not a new phenomenon.” Shekarau was praising his own efforts in establishing Shariah law in Kano, and he offered unlimited resources to his religious police force, […]

Spiritual Warfare on Wall Street

Wonkette takes a baffled look at a bit of spiritual warfare in Wall Street: Apparently the idea came from neo-Pentecostal leader Cindy Jacobs. As she explains: During a January worship service, the Lord spoke to me, “Cindy, the strongman over America doesn’t live in Washington D.C.—the strongman lives in New York City! Call together my […]

Russia-Islamic World Strategic Vision Group Meet in Saudi

“The role of Russia has grown noticeably … This will certainly positively affect the influence of the Islamic factor on world politics” UN to discuss Saudi interfaith plan The Arab News reports on the recent “Russia-Islamic World Strategic Vision Group” meeting in Jeddah: Russia renewed its commitment to stronger ties with the Muslim world, vowing respect […]

Forbes Pulls Article on Obama as Warrior for “Hidden Imam”

Forbes has thought better of a recent foray into Islamic eschatology, and it has pulled an article by Amir Taheri that began with the sentence: Is Barack Obama the “promised warrior” coming to help the Hidden Imam of Shiite Muslims conquer the world? However, while this opening has obviously been calculated to provoke another “Obama is a […]

Moscow Patriarch Visits Belarus

Roving Russian ambassador and Moscow Patriarch Alexy II has been having a love-in with comb-overed Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko: “There is no doubt that Belarus is an Orthodox nation. We shall strictly follow the chosen line because the people want it,” Lukashenko told Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II in Minsk on Friday…”A great merit […]

National Black Republican Association: Obama’s “Startling Confession” of Being an Arab

Francis Rice, chairman of the National Black Republican Association, decides it’s a good idea to make people afraid of Obama on ethnic grounds: Where did the claim that Sen. Barack Obama is an Arab originate?  It came from Obama himself.  That’s right.  Obama made this startling confession in his book “Dream From My Father” that […]

Hutchens: Obama is a “Bomb Looking for a Place to Explode”

The latest pensées of James Hutchens, of the Jerusalem Connection: Senator Barack Obama has declared that, if elected, he would be willing to sit down and talk to Iran “without preconditions.” What a contrast between Obama and Iran!  Not only is Obama politically naive but he is a walking security time-bomb looking for a place […]

“Official” Swinton Circle Holds Joint Event with Springbok Club

A few days ago I blogged once again on Alan Harvey and the London Swinton Circle. Harvey has apparently been suspended as chairman and member of group due to what he claims are the machinations of extremists. Harvey writes: As you are probably aware, a quite scurrilous attack has been made against me in the so-called […]

Global Peace Festival Reps at Downing Street “Peace Week” Meeting

22 November will see the London “Global Peace Festival“, one of several events that have been held around the world over the past few months. The Festival’s slogan is “One Family Under God”, and it is being organised by the Universal Peace Federation. The UPF, as I’ve noted in the past (and chronicle on my spin-off […]