Schlussel on Racial Slurs

Debbie Schlussel, 19 September 2008: Now, there is Sandra Bernhard…Her bigoted anti-Gentile video tirade against Sarah Palin is embarrassing, and as a Jew, I’m disgusted….The two slurs she uses against Sarah Palin–“goyishe” and “shiksa”–are derogatory terms for non-Jews, and I never use them. My dad taught me from when I was very little, to refrain. […]

Claim: Blogger Barred from Palin Church

From Max Blumenthal: After appearing on Countdown to discuss Muthee’s battle with a supposed witch in Kiambu, Kenya, and his ties to Palin, the Wasilla Assembly of God allegedly told [Shannyn] Moore not to appear at their Saturday services. They knew what she looked like, and would immediately oust her, they supposedly warned. This comes […]

Ex-Follower of Yahweh Ben Yahweh in Anti-Obama Protest

The Miami News Times has some background on “Michael the Black Man”, of “Blacks Against Obama”, the group that recently disrupted an Obama rally in Florida: In our 2002 story on the tempestuous and racially-charged history of the little village of El Portal, we ran into Michael, who at that time had commandeered an illegal but popular […]