More Temple Mount Madness from WND

A silly WND headline, complete with ejaculatory cry of dismay: What? Israel to help Muslims carve Quranic verses on Temple Mount Islamic writings all over holiest site for Judaism –WND However, as the inevitable hack Aaron Klein has to admit in the body of his article, this actually means that Israel is allowing the restoration […]

Schlussel vs Shoebat: The Unspeakable in Pursuit of the Unbelievable

For a while now, Debbie Schlussel has been engaged in a feud with Walid Shoebat: she accuses Shoebat of having plagiarized her work, and of responding to her complaints with a “Fuck you, bitch”. Now Schlussel accuses Shoebat of sending her annoying emails under a fake name: Mr. Shoebat took it upon himself–despite my praise of […]