Tory MP is Demagogue Shock

I’m a few days late with this one, from the Daily Express‘s “Religious Affairs Staff” (cough, cough): THE Archbishop of Canterbury was under fire last night after declaring that Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims. Tory MP Philip Davies said: “The archbishop has lost the plot. He is supposed to be leading the Church, not apologising […]

Shoebat, Davies, and Silver

One of the websites I have come across while researching Walid Shoebat is this one, which puts forward a conspiracy theory that Shoebat and his handler Keith Davies may in fact be the same person. Two pictures are provided, showing that the men are of a similar build, and have similar tastes in hairstyles, facial hair, and […]

Jews on First on Hagee: “Ignorance to the Point of Disrespect”

Just in time for the Christians United for Israel “Washington-Israel Summit”, Jews on First has a produced a video (narrated by Ed Asner) highlighting and debunking the farrago of nonsense that makes up John Hagee’s teachings. This is a shortened version: Meanwhile, Frederick Clarkson survey’s Hagee’s woes – and his attempts to re-position himself in the wake of media […]