Bottom Feder

Kathryn Joyce has provoked a tirade from right-wing polemicist Don Feder for her Nation piece on conservative “demographic winter” alarm-sounding: According to Kathryn Joyce, sneer-and-smear artist for The Nation, those who are concerned about the worldwide decline in birthrates are — to put it mildly — racist, neo-Nazis, who have a hidden agenda and (under the […]

McCain “Very Honored” by Endorsement from Apocalyptic Christian Zionist

From the Caucus blog of the New York Times: Senator John McCain got support on Wednesday from an important corner of evangelical Texas when the pastor of a San Antonio mega-church, Rev. John C. Hagee, endorsed Mr. McCain for president. …Mr. McCain, who has been on a steady search for support among conservative and evangelical […]

“Service for Peace” and a Pilgrimage to Nepal

And while we’re on the subject (see yesterday) of Korean Buddhist leaders and Rev Moon, Asia News reports from Nepal: Korean Buddhist leaders who arrived last night in the city of Lumbini, birthplace of the ‘Awakened One’, came together in the wee hours of this morning to pray all day for peace in Nepal and […]

Korean Buddhist Leader Indicted for Forgery

From the Korea Times: The prosecution Tuesday indicted without physical detention the head of a Buddhist sect for forging documents to get billions of won in government subsidies. Ven. Woonsan, head of the Taego Order of Korean Buddhism, received 6 billion won from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as a subsidy for the construction […]

Some Notes on Tradition, Family, and Property in South Africa

A couple of my recent blog entries (here and here) have made reference to the International Freedom Foundation, a right-libertarian political organisation of the 1980s which operated in a number of countries, including both the UK and the USA. The IFF, as I explained, was opposed to apartheid but also opposed to sanctions against South Africa, […]

Some More Notes on the UK Libertarian Right: Then and Now

A couple of weeks ago I offered a few modest observations concerning the “libertarian” right’s involvement in Southern Africa in the 1980s, taking a British perspective but noting certain trans-Atlantic links. Various bloggers offered kind words (e.g. here and here), and so I’d like to present a brief sequel. Last year, a prominent right-libertarian was […]

Most Absurd Libel Threat Ever

The Village Voice reports on three self-proclaimed “ex-terrorists” who have spoken in venues such as the the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, where they apparently suggested Christian proselytism of Muslims would be best way to fight the “War on Terror” (emphasis added): Critics question whether the three speakers—Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem, and Zachariah Anani—really […]

WND Hits Paydirt

Forget “Jesus Junk” – WorldNetDaily has “the ultimate gift”: For a limited time, genuine Temple Mount soil is being made available exclusively to WND readers as part of a campaign of solidarity with the Mount, which is under threat by Islamists and by Israeli government laws banning Christians and Jews from worshiping at the site […]

Museveni Tells Pastors to Avoid Politics

An opinion piece in the Kampala Monitor accuses Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni of hypocrisy: About one and a half years ago, a leader of a sprawling Pentecostal Church in a valley between Makerere University and Mulago hospital, boasted that President Yoweri Museveni in part owed his triumph in the 2006 election to his “holy” waters. […]

Ex-Prisoner Condemns UK Government over Saudi Bribe Probe Block

Back in December 2000, the first of several British men was arrested in Saudi Arabia following a number of terrorist incidents. Rather than admit to a problem with al-Qaeda, the regime found it more expedient to round-up some ex-pats, subject them to torture until they confessed to a plot involving illicit alcohol, and then parade […]