Newspaper Editor Gets Three Years over Muhammad Cartoons

Reporters Without Borders reports from Belarus: Reporters Without Borders is outraged by the three-year prison sentence passed today by a court in Minsk on Alyaksandr Zdvizhkou [var. Alexander Sdvizhkov], former deputy editor of the weekly Zhoda, for reprinting cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that first appeared in a Danish newspaper. He was found guilty of […]

Nepalese Leaders Praise Rev Moon

From the UPI: The Parliament of Nepal, constituted one year ago on Jan. 15, 2007, made history Wednesday. Cooperation between civil society and the government broke new ground as the first-ever function organized by a non-government organization was held in the Parliament Secretariat Hall of the Sighhadurbar. The Universal Peace Federation partnered with the Ex-MP’s […]

Pan Macmillan Afraid to Publish Tom Cruise/Scientology Book in Australia

Looks as though you don’t have to be a Saudi billionaire to hinder the distribution of a critical book. From the Sydney Morning Herald: Pan Macmillan will not print a local edition of the book Tom Cruise, An Unauthorised Biography in Australia due to legal concerns, a move that has been labelled an act of […]

Conservatives Ditch “Lionheart”

An update on the website of Phyllis Chesler: Once I posted my interview with Lionheart, some readers insisted that Lionheart is a member of the British National Party which is a fascist, neo-Nazi, Holocaust-denying political party. People in the UK, the USA, and in Israel feared that although Lionheart’s freedom of speech in cyberspace is […]

Canadian Human Rights Commission Under Fire over Free Speech

Certain Muslim groups in Canada appear to be doing everything they can to ensure that their enemies enjoy publicity and sympathy, by going after them on inquisitorial “hate speech” charges brought through the Human Rights Commission. The Economist reports: The criminal code has hate-propaganda provisions, but using these requires convincing a prosecutor. The bar is […]

Lancaster Hate

One of the websites I monitor on a regular basis so that others don’t have to is that of Irene Lancaster, an average UK academic (now based in Haifa) who managed to launch a successful media career propounding the view that critics of Israel are motivated by anti-Semitism and a wish to collude in a Muslim […]

London Childcare Conference Considers “Ritual Abuse”

Staying with Private Eye, the latest issue also has a report on a keynote talk presented recently at a conference of London childcare workers by psychoanalyst Valerie Sinason, on the subject of “ritual abuse and Dissociative Identity Disorder”. The Eye observes: The prospect of Sinason converting London’s childcare workers to a belief in the existence […]

Corn Balls

Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov isn’t the only person to have managed temporarily to shut down websites in the UK by issuing a libels threat against an internet service provider; in 2006 a campaign group named GM Watch lost its service for a week after challenging the methodology of a study which purported to show that more people […]

Chesler Praises Pro-BNP Blogger

“should be knighted by the Queen and all London should give him a parade” I didn’t actually want to write anything about “Lionheart”, the British Nationalist Party-supporting blogger who claims to be under threat of arrest in the UK for anti-Muslim tirades made on his sewer-like blog. However, as someone with a particular interest in […]

Bloggers on Lionheart

Sadly No has the full low-down on “Lionheart”, the BNP-supporting blogger who claims to be facing arrest over anti-Muslim statements on his blog (I blogged this here). One of the team has waded through Lionheart’s ramblings; it appears that despite his claim not to be in favour of violence, he is actually rather sanguinary: I personally […]