200 Lashes for Saudi Rape Victim, Campaigning Lawyer Who Complained of “Jungle Shariah” Has Licence Revoked

Back in July, the Saudi Gazette reported on an appeal following a rape trial: THE Supreme Judicial Council has ordered re-sentencing of seven men who raped a girl in Qatif a year-and-a-half ago, said the girl’s lawyer. The Council said the sentences given by the Qatif Court were too lenient, Abdulrahman Al-Lahem, the rape victim’s […]

Saddam’s Baptistry

At Truthdig, former air-force colonel David Antoon tells the remarkable story of what happened when he accompanied his son to the orientation session at the United States Air Force Academy in 2004. He compares this with his own experience in the 1960s: Never, during my four years at the academy and subsequent pilot and combat training, was the word […]

Tennessee Prosperity Gospel Evangelist Meets African Presidents

From the Chattanoogan: Dr. Steve Ball, a Chattanooga area church and community leader, arrived in Kenya on Wednesday and will be traveling to Uganda and Rwanda through next Tuesday at the invitation of international spiritual leader, Bishop Robert Kayanja of the Miracle Centre in Uganda (a church with more than 80,000 members). He will participate […]

Gilbert Deya to be Extradited over “Miracle Babies”

The Nairobi Nation reports: Bishop Gilbert Deya is to be returned to Kenya to face trial for claims that he was involved in baby-trafficking, a London court has ruled. …During the hearing which began on Wednesday, the Kenya Government alleged that Mr Deya stole five children between May 1999 and December 2004 and tried to […]

Antony Flew, David Marsland, and Right Now!

Back in 2005, I blogged philosopher Anhony Flew’s conversion from atheism to some kind of Intelligent-Design inspired deism, and his subsequent disavowal of this change in his opinion. However, it appears that Flew has since re-embraced belief in God, and a new book bearing his name – entitled There Is a God: How the World’s […]

Interfaith Agreement

Mohammed Naseem, chairman of the UK Birmingham Central Mosque: …He went on to express his concern…that there were “4 organisations running the world” – the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission, McKenzie and Co Public Relations, and Common Purpose. He stated that the Bilderberg group was a secret organisation, which holds secret “invitation only” meetings. He […]

Christian Zionists Complain of Being Ignored by Bush

From Onenewsnow, a few days ago: The group Christians United for Israel is calling on President Bush to refrain from pressuring Israel into territorial concessions at an upcoming Mideast Summit in Annapolis, Maryland. …Dr. Jim Hutchens, the Washington area director of Christians United for Israel, says the president has a noble goal of fostering Mideast […]

Paul Cameron Speaks to British Far-Right Front Group

Ex-Gay Watch notes that US anti-gay activist Paul Cameron recently addressed a meeting in the UK of the Christian Council of Britain, a front-organisation of Nick Griffin’s far-right and racist British Nationalist Party. Quoting from the organisation’s website: The CCoB is launching a series of public debates on morality and family values and how current […]

Palestinian Pastor Flees Ramallah

More bad news from the “Holy Land”, as a Palestinian-American pastor is forced to flee from Ramallah: …Pastor Isa Bajalia, 47, a US citizen born in Birmingham, Alabama, said that he had been threatened over the last two months by a Fatah security official from the Tanzim militia who also demanded $30,000 in protection money. […]

Kiev Patriarch Meets Brownback and Voinovich

From Interfax-Religion: The leader of the self-declared Kiev Patriarchate Filaret Denisenko discussed a possibility of establishing the united Orthodox Church in the Ukraine with US Congress Members. Friday a Kiev issue of the Kommersant daily reported that Denisenko met with Republican Senators George Voinovich and Sam Brownback, and Gus Bilirakis, the head of the support […]