US Blogger Successfully Defends Libel Action

Journalist-blogger Richard Silverstein has won a libel suit, brought against him by a certain Rachel Neuwirth: …She sued me for libel in Los Angeles Superior Court because I called her a “Kahanist swine.” Her claim was that this was the same as claiming she was a Jewish terrorist since Kahane Chai, Meir Kahane’s Israeli political […]

Saudi PR on Lashes for Rape Victim

Extra whipping for woman who appealed sentence recommended by Supreme Judiciary Council Hold your nose: the Saudi Justice Ministry has released two statements (available here and here) explaining why it is right and proper for a 19-year-old woman to receive 200 lashes (I blogged the case here): …we regret what some media have circulated on […]

Philippine Businesswoman Unveils Giant Israeli Flag

The AP reports from Israel: Beneath the ancient Jewish desert strongpoint of Masada, the world’s largest flag was unfurled Sunday, covering a large stretch of sandy hinterland. The huge blue and white Israeli flag, 660 meters (2,165 feet) long and 100 meters (330 feet) wide and weighing 5.2 metric tons, breaks the record for the […]

Another Satanic Panic Yarn Concluded

This one’s all over the internet; NWANews has the fullest account: …In November 1975, [Don] LaRose’s story made headlines around Maine, N. Y., when the then 34-year-old pastor disappeared from the First Baptist Church. The circumstances were deemed mysterious, according to a Feb. 13, 1976, story in the magazine Christianity Today. Church members suggested the […]

UK Tabloid Retracts Scientology Story

Andrew Morton “has not received threats” Sunday Express gossip columnist Adam Helliker, 11 November (no longer on-line): FORMER tabloid royal reporter Andrew Morton – author of revealing books on Princess Diana, Monica Lewinsky and Madonna – has run into serious trouble with his latest subject, Hollywood star Tom Cruise. …”I have received threats from the […]

“Jerusalem Summit” Founder’s Phone Tapped: Three Arrested

Calls to Israel Deputy PM monitored by private investigators: link to Russia? From the Israel News Agency: On November 5, Israel police announced that they had arrested two private investigators in Israel, Rafi Pridan and Aviv Mor, on suspicion of illegally wiretapping several people in an effort to gather information about Israel Strategic Affairs Minister […]

Russian Council of Muftis Organises “Muslims in Support of President Putin” Movement

A curious brief item from Interfax-Religion, consisting of a one-paragraph quote from a press release: “At a working meeting of the Council of the Muftis, its members instructed Abdul-Vahed Niyazov, the head of the Islamic Cultural Center, to organize a Muslims in Support of President Putin movement and ensure its membership in the National Movement […]

Saudi Arabia Used Libel Lawyers in Ofcom Complaint

Schillings Used by Kingdom and Embassy The UK television regulator Ofcom has rejected a complaint brought by the police about the Channel 4 documentary Undercover Mosque. As was widely blogged a few weeks ago (and by me here, here, and here), the documentary found extremist speakers and videos at a prominent mainstream mosque. The programme […]

Turkish Report Slams Israeli Excavations

From Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman: A Turkish technical mission sent to Jerusalem to inspect Israeli archaeological work near the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque has criticized the excavations and called on Israel to consult with Palestinian and international authorities on a final plan, the mission’s report, obtained by Today’s Zaman, revealed. The report was commissioned over the […]

Physician Heal Thyself

A curious snippet (not online) from the Daily Mail, which highlights some “quirky cures” for baldness that Prince William might like to try: A bald guru in India recommends combining headstands with a herb called bhringara. (sic – should be “bhringaraj”) Alas, the identity of this “bald guru” is not given, although a bit of googling […]