Serbian Orthodox Extremist Bishop on Hunger Strike

News from Serbia: A Serbian Orthodox bishop who has been barred from Montenegro on suspicion of aiding war crimes fugitives pitched a tent at the border on Tuesday and said he was going on hunger strike in protest. The United Nations tribunal in The Hague has put Bishop Filaret on a list of people suspected […]

Jerusalem Summit Sponsor Accuses Critical Journalist of Faking Gun Attack

Staying with Russia, here’s one I missed from a few weeks ago: back in June, it was reported that yet another journalist had been shot: [Andrei] Kalitin, 37, was shot in the shoulder Wednesday evening as he was leaving his home to meet with a colleague, according to local media reports. He has worked as […]

More on Coercive Psychiatric Treatment in Russia

The London Times reports: …Last week authorities in the Arctic city of Murmansk released Larissa Arap, an opposition journalist whose five-week detention in two psychiatric hospitals caused a storm of protest. Arap, who is a supporter of Garry Kasparov, the former chess champion turned fierce Kremlin critic, was confined after publishing an exposé in which […]

Irene Lancaster in her Own Words

Bishop of Chester and staff indulge in “Jew-hating for kicks” “Brainwashing” at Liverpool Cathedral Richard Dawkins describes “the Jewish concept of God the creator” Several weeks ago the London Times’s religion blog Faith Central decided to list the “30 Most Influential Religious Blogs”. At number 28 is Irene Lancaster, a British academic who recently emigrated […]

Aaron Klein’s Kind of Camera

Once again, WorldNetDaily stretches the meaning of the word “exclusive”: Jerusalem correspondent Aaron Klein has read the website of hawkish pro-Israel lobby group CAMERA, and found there a press release attacking a CNN documentary that covered Jewish extremism: CNN special series airing this week entitled “God’s Warriors” – produced and anchored by the network’s chief […]

Orthodox Church Backs Russian Militarism

Also: Pope is Catholic Several days after Vladimir Putin’s decision to send long-range nuclear bombers on long-range patrol in the Pacific and Atlantic, Interfax adds a detail: The Russian Orthodox Church gave some particles of St. Alexander Nevsky’s relics to the chapel of the headquarters of the long range air force…The ceremony…was led by Patriarch […]

Religious Rally Against Homosexuality in Uganda

Calls for media censorship, deportation of journalist, arrests, dismissal of academic A few weeks ago I blogged on the case of Julius Lukyamuzi, a Ugandan who alleges that he suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of Grace Kitaka, a Pentecostal pastor. Kitaka’s alleged activities were allegedly covered up by Pastor Imelda Kula, one […]

Rev Moon Making Global Inroads

…explored at Talk to Action.

Brim Tidings

Christian Zionist wants Dome of the Rock destroyed David Brog is the (non-Christian) Executive Director of Christians United for Israel. Back in May there was a bit of a controversy when it was noted that the CUFI website carried a logo which showed a view of Jerusalem from which the Dome of the Rock was […]

VIGIL Network Launches Website

A few months ago I wrote a blog entry on VIGIL, an anti-Islamist organisation which was used as a source for a BBC Newsnight report on Islamic extremism in the UK. As much as I applaud serious journalistic efforts to explore this subject, Newsnight’s reliance on this shadowy organisation was troubling, and a bit of googling […]