Taiwan V-P Hands Out Honours from Rev Moon

The Taipei Times reports on an honour bestowed on Kevin Lin, the Taiwanese long-distance (7,500km) runner and a national hero: Vice President Annette Lu…conferred an “Ambassador of Peace” title on Lin, as well as other outstanding locals, yesterday at a ceremony hosted by the Taiwan chapter of the Universal Peace Federation, a UN-affiliated nongovernmental organization […]

WorldNetDaily Columnist Defends Using Neo-Nazi Source in Article

UPDATE: Folger has now amended her piece, with a note repudiating Fields. Apparently these words of support from Gen J.C. Christian failed to make a positive impression. From the website of Janet Folger, WND columnist and President of Christian-right lobby group Faith2Action: Right now, people in powerful places want nothing less than to eradicate Christian […]

Blumenthal at CUFI

Max Blumenthal reports from the recent Christians United for Israel (CUFI) conference: see here. (Via Talk to Action)

Orthodox Movement Calls for Russian Scientist to be Prosecuted

From Interfax-Religion (again): The People’s Council [“Narodny Sobor”], an Orthodox public movement, has appealed to the Moscow public prosecutor to try well-known scientist Vitaly Ginzburg for stirring up religious strife. Ginzburg, a Nobel Prize winner who is in his nineties, had complained publicly about the influence of the resurgent Orthodox Church in Russian schools, and […]

Milingo Expects Blessings from Pope and Rev Moon

Married Priests Now, which lobbies for the Vatican to allow priests to marry, is planning a pilgrimage to Rome. Priests who have married will arrive in December: There will be the renewal of marriage vows, as well as of priestly vows. Those who will not afford to have their wives with them let them have […]

Russian Psychologists Promote Conversion to Orthodoxy

Warn on Satanism, Anne Rice Following on from my entry of a few days ago on Satanic panic in Russia, Interfax comes up with yet another example: 14-year old Muscovite Tatiana’s passion for Satanism has ended in a tragedy in her family. Another family row in which Tatiana threatened to cut her veins if her […]

McCain and Gingrich Court Apocalyptic Christian Zionist

Hagee: “the sleeping giant of Christian Zionism has awakened” There was a time when a man who rails against “international bankers” and the “Illuminati” and who cites the design of the $1 bill as evidence of an occult-Masonic “New World Order” conspiracy would have been seen as something of a crank. But not any more, […]

Satanic Panic in Russia

Warning from Institute that Declared Soviet Dissidents Insane From (as ever) Interfax: Most heavy metal songs are about murder and suicide, the Serbsky State Research Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry professor Fyodor Kondratyev opines. ‘Having researched 700 most popular heavy metal songs revealed that half of them is about murder, 7 percent is positive […]

World Zionist Org Gives Award to Right-Wing Swedish Activist

Martin Rundkvist at Aardvarchaeology helpfully explains the content of a report from the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter: Starting in 2004, the Department for Zionist Activities of the World Zionist Organization has given the annual Herzl Awards to “outstanding young men and women in recognition of their exceptional efforts on behalf of Israel and the Zionist […]

A Bit of an Understatement

“His father is a rather well-known man around the world, respected by some, not respected by others.” — A BBC World Service interviewer tactfully asks Jane Felix Brown about her new husband’s father, Osama bin Laden.