Highest Lay Orthodox Honour for Belarus Dictator

I’m a few weeks late with this, but here it is: June 2: Christians from across Belarus are gathering in Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, to protest against the government detention of two Christians during a police raid on a church service. …Pastor Bokun was accused of “organising and holding religious meetings without special […]

Jamestown: The Revenge

  Kathryn Joyce, an excellent journalist who has given this blog encouragement over the past few years, has just debuted at Newsweek, with an article on Doug Phillips (son of Howard) and his recent Jamestown Quadricentennial Celebration. Phillips believes that the official commemorations organised at the site were a travesty of a great Christian historical […]

Turkish Court Rules on “Ecumenical” Status of Greek Patriarch

From Reuters: A court Tuesday backed Turkey’s long-held position that the Istanbul-based Orthodox Patriarch is only the head of the city’s tiny Greek Orthodox community and not the spiritual leader of the world’s 300 million Orthodox Christians. The decision has no influence on the status of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I [No, I’m not related – […]

Prophecy “Expert” on Blair

With Tony Blair slated to move to Jerusalem to take up a new peace envoy job, there has been much discussion about whether he enjoys sufficient credibility among Muslims to play a useful role. However, there is also another religious group eyeing developments suspiciously: apocalyptic Christian Zionists. Over to Pastor Terry Malone of Calvary Prophecy: […]

Council of Europe Anti-Creationist Resolution Vote Cancelled

Reuters reports: Europe’s main human rights body on Monday cancelled a scheduled vote on banning creationist and intelligent design views from school science classes, saying the proposed resolution was one-sided. …Guy Lengagne, the French Socialist member of the Assembly who drew up the report, protested after the Parliamentary Assembly voted to call off the debate […]

Exclusive Brethren Schools in the News

The Exclusive Brethren are back in the news in the UK, over plans to sponsor a school: An evangelical Christian sect that considers television and computers evil is in talks with the Government about sponsoring a city academy, it became clear last night. Members of the Exclusive Brethren met Jim Knight, the schools minister, to […]

Holy Man Beaten Up and Arrested over Failed Prophecy

Trishul Baba, the Nepalese “Trident Man” (real name Bishweshwor Chaudhari), recently posted the following (helpfully bi-lingual) prophecy on-line (now available in cache only): SHREE GANESHAYA NAMAHA! AUM NAMAHA SHIVAYA! The discourse of Lord Almighty Shiva Baba to all earth inhabitants! Behold, June 22 and July 10 of 2007 belong to obliteration! The event will commence […]

Oil Company Stockholders on Spiritual Quest

“oil represents a very deep spiritual concept” …I just have a scripture I’d wanted to share from Psalm 133. It’s one of Mr Brown’s favourite scriptures, I believe, and it’s one of mine as well, and I think once you hear it it’ll be yours. How very good and pleasant it is when kindred live […]

US Evangelist Leads “Prosperity for All” Crusade in Uganda

Back to Uganda, and more on the visit by US prosperity preacher Creflo Dollar, via the New Vision: Hundreds of Christians, some from as far as Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Sudan, thronged the Namboole Stadium last evening for a crusade against poverty by American evangelist Dr. Creflo Dollar. The Prosperity For All (Bonna […]

Mugabe Takes Sweets from Children

From ZWNews: Three Zimbabwean clergymen had a weekend to forget last Sunday after they were detained and interrogated by state security agents for distributing toys and sweets to children in Masvingo town. In a bizarre case highlighting deep levels of paranoia in government, the state agents accused the three, Reverend Sonykis Chimbuya, Pastor Peter Bondai […]