Moon is Milingo’s Messiah

Zambian Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, 2002: Milingo says some disciples of Sun Myung Moon sought him out with invitations to speak at their conferences. The time he was allotted gradually grew, as did his audiences; soon he was leading mass healings in the packed theatres he had so missed. …Later he would realise he had “fallen […]

EU Parliament Opposes RC Abstinence Programme for Croatia

Curriculum linked to Natural Family Planning Center of Washington D.C. News from Croatia: The European Parliament on Tuesday slammed a proposed conservative, Church-backed sex education program in Croatia, saying it encouraged discrimination. In a letter sent to top Croatian officials, the EU parliament deputies voiced “concern regarding the potential implementation … of a reproductive health […]

Hindu Fundamentalists Target Christian Orphanage in Nepal

Asia News reports: A Hindu fundamentalist group in Nepal bombed a Christian orphanage accusing its administrators of converting its non Christian children and receiving funds from pro-Maoist organisations. The explosion occurred in Birganj, Nepal’s industrial capital, at the “Grace Children Home” and wounded one child who is now in hospital. …The attack was claimed by […]

AIDS Cure Claims Under Fire Across Africa

News from South Africa: An advertisement for a religious campaign has been ruled out of order for lack of evidence that Jesus can heal Aids. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) made the ruling after receiving a complaint about a newspaper advertisement in March for a “Miracle Crusade with Reverend Angley”. …The ASA said advertisers had […]

Puppet Patriarch for Eritrean Orthodox Church

A bland announcement from state media in Eritrea: His Holiness Abune Dioskoros has been elected 4th Patriarch of Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church that was unanimously approved by the Holy Synod. The EOC happily announces to the people that the appointment of His Holiness Abune Dioskoros took place on 19 April, during a meeting of Eritreans […]

Madonna Seeks Kabbalah Converts in Malawian Orphanages

Several months ago, Time reported on Madonna’s plans to proselytise Kabbalah among the children of Malawi, through a “Raising Malawi” project: Her co-founder in the Raising Malawi project is Michael Berg, founder of the Kabbalah center in Los Angeles and one of the driving forces behind its growing popularity. And although it has no religious […]

Rev Moon Collects former Heads of State

James Mancham, former President of the Seychelles George Sokomanu, former President of Vanuatu Rexhep Mejdani, former President of Albania Kenneth Kaunda, former President of Zambia H.E. Abdurrahman Wahid, former President of Indonesia George H.W. Bush, former President of the USA Just a few of the global political figures who promote and assist the work of […]

Anglican Church Province of Central Africa Backs Mugabe

From the Harare Herald: THE Anglican Church Province of Central Africa has added its voice to the growing condemnation of the illegal Western sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe and called for their scrapping, urging Britain to honour its obligations to fund land reforms in the country. In their Pastoral letter issued at the end of their […]

Row Over Claim of Nigerian Pilgrims Raped in Sinai

Curious news from Nigeria (link added): The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Directorate of Christian Pilgrims Affairs Wednesday denied claims that some female pilgrims were raped by Egyptians as they attempted to climb Mount Sinai in St Catherina City, Egypt in April. “We wish to dismiss this report as a deliberate falsehood,” the statement signed by […]

US Commentator Persecutes Indonesian Woman

Some time ago, I decided to stop writing blog entries that simply mocked the ramblings of wingnuts; it’s a crowded field, and others have greater gifts for satirical putdowns than I. Also, I try to keep editorialising to a minimum – readers don’t need to be spoonfed, and if they can’t figure out for themselves […]