Is Secularisation Dead?

Christianity Today’s weblog rounds up a few “revenge of God” stories about a resurgence of Christian religiosity. First up, Ruth Gledhill of The Times: The rapid growth of evangelical and Pentecostal congregations in Britain and the United States has astonished almost everyone, save the evangelicals and Pentecostals themselves. The UK revival began in the 19th […]

Moon Over Galilee

The UPI reports on a peace initiative in Galilee (link added): Plans are to construct the Cultural Center for Jewish-Christian-Muslim Dialogue and Understanding over the next three years, a $7 million campus with space for meetings, academic research, education in communication and technology, and a library. The Israeli government has donated seven acres of land […]

Smithsonian Accused of “Anti-Religious” Discrimination

Agape Press reports on an Intelligent Design controversy (link added): A congressional investigation finds the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, demonized one of its research associates for publishing a peer-reviewed article critical of Darwinian evolution. A report from the House Government Reform Committee says Smithsonian officials retaliated against biologist Dr. Richard Sternberg […]

Alexy Praises “Good Fruits” of Secular and Spiritual Interaction in Turkmenistan

Sunni Mufti Remains in Prison Moscow Orthodox Partriarch Alexy II offers a brief eulogy to the late Saparmurad Niyazov: “As head of the Russian Orthodox Church, I was pleased to see the good fruits of interaction between the secular and spiritual leaderships in the republic. The president was the initiator of many good works,” Alexy […]

Jezus Chrystus Królem Polski

Reuters reports: Some Polish lawmakers want to make Jesus the honorary king of their overwhelmingly Catholic country, Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper reported on Wednesday. …Deputy Artur Gorski said some of his colleagues ‘were praying in the parliamentary chapel for (Jesus’) coronation.’ Gorski is a member of the ruling Law and Justice Party; the proposal is backed […]

Principles Left Behind?

Tim LaHaye, on violence, 1981: As you compare this description [of the present world] with that of Lot’s day, you will note that both generations produced lovers of violence. Whenever men degenerate sexually to the level of animals, they also adopt the animalistic propensity for violence. (1) Tim LaHaye (with Bob Phillips), on violent video […]

Left Behind Game’s Eastern European Charity Tie-In

ASSIST Ministries reports on a charity tie-in from the controversial Left Behind: Eternal Forces video game: Left Behind Games, the company that produces Christian video games based on the books made famous by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, is including an insert in every box that tells purchasers about the Eastern European Outreach (EEO) child […]

Iranian Freakshow

(This entry contains material from various far-right sites which I have chosen not to link) Judging from the website of the far-right Adelaide Institute, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has managed to assemble a true menagerie of nutters and saddos for his Holocaust-denial conference. All the expected figures are there, such as David Duke (whose Ukrainian links I […]

Pokemon Mutilator to Bring Haggard Back to Reality

Over to the latest news about former Pastor Ted Haggard, from the Los Angeles Times: Haggard, 50, has turned himself over to a team of counselors who are “assessing his spiritual, emotional and mental condition,” said the Rev. H.B. London, who is helping to guide Haggard through the process. …”Ted is not in touch with […]

Religious Studies Lecturer Launches attack on Lancaster Uni

For the past twelve years, US scholar of religion Robert Segal has been based at Lancaster University in the north of England. Segal (with whom I once shared the back of a car) is known for his work on methodology, Gnosticism, myth and Jung, and was largely responsible for making us all aware that Joseph […]