Egyptian Biscuit Baron Scrapes Prophecy Barrel

An advert currently featured on various news websites links to a site making a rather peculiar claim – over to World’s Last Chance: THE BIBLE REVEALS NEXT AND LAST POPE WILL BE A DEVIL IMPERSONATING JOHN PAUL II Interminable exegesis of the Book of Revelation follows – the basic argument is that the Lateran Treaty […]

Journo Wins Award for Uncovering “Satanic Ritual Abuse” Scandal

From the Middleton Guardian: MIDDLETON Guardian journalist, Jeni Harvey, rubbed shoulders with the great and the good during a high profile awards ceremony on Monday night. The 24-year-old journalist, who has been with the Middleton & North Manchester Guardian for 18 months, was shortlisted for the prestigious Paul Foot Award for her work in exposing […]

American Football Pro Promotes Every Nation’s Purple Prose

The Washington City Paper brings us back to a topic that has been an on-going area of enquiry for this blog: the neo-Pentecostal grouping known as Every Nation. Details of interest appear in a profile of a certain Mark Brunell, who is apparently a famous player of American football (links added): In the fall of […]

Old Bible Society Building now London Scientology Centre

There is a popular anecdote among Christian apologists that Voltaire (1694-1778) once remarked that the Bible would soon become a forgotten book, but the house in which he made this prediction later became the headquarters of a Bible Society who used it to publish or distribute Bibles…The Bible society in question is variously identified as […]

Priest Gets 12 Years for Rwanda Genocide Revisionism

From the Hirondelle News Agency (via All Africa): A Rwandan catholic priest, Abbot [i.e. “Father”] Jean Marie Vianney Uwizeyeyezu, head of the parish of Kaduha (district of Nyamagabe, Southern Rwanda), was condemned on October 6th to 12 years of imprisonment for “having downplayed the genocide”, his lawyer has declared. …According to Imvaho Nshya, a pro-government […]

Conferences on Religion in Europe Warn of Persecution

EU Vice-President: “We are against fundamentalism, but we support religion” More melodramatic rhetoric in the debate over religion in Europe. ASSIST Ministries reports: Persecution is coming to the West. Under the guise of tolerance Bible believing Christians of all confessions are subjected to suppressive intolerance, warns a declaration issued at the Ecumenical Confessional Convention in […]

Ken Ham’s New Book

Christian Retailing magazine has a short interview (2 October 2006, p. 35) with Ken Ham about his latest project, a children’s book entitled It’s Designed to Do What It Does Do: …Sadly, children are growing up thinking the Bible is just a book of nice stories and has nothing to do with fossils, dinosaurs and […]

Top UK Psychic Recants

Roy Stemman’s Paranormal Review has a report on British ex-psychic and ex-medium James Byrne: James Byrne’s style of mediumship ensured “sold out” notices outside all the large venues at which he regularly demonstrated for almost 30 years. He even filled the London Palladium – following in the psychic footsteps of the late Doris Stokes…Incredibly, Byrne has […]

Satanic Panic is Alive and Well on Planet Earth

…is my latest post at Talk to Action. And another commentator there has more background to Elijah House, the organisation that featured in yesterday’s post.

Woman Sues over False Memories of Satanism

Made to believe “satanic ritual abuse…widespread in society” The Canadian Courthouse News Service reports: VANCOUVER, B.C. – A woman who sought Christian marriage counseling from Elijah House has sued the society, claiming its conspiratorial theories caused her to lose custody of her seven children and fall into depression. Donna Marie Krahn claims the society taught […]