Agape Press Censors Itself over Loyola-for-Protestants Book Review

Book published by evangelical press accused of being “New Age” A writer at Agape Press has apparently strayed off-message: “On August 28, 2006, AgapePress, a news division of American Family Association, carried a positive review of the book Sacred Listening. The author of the book is James L. Wakefield. The person who reviewed the book is […]

Neo-Pentecostal Revival Suspected for Destruction of Ancient Arctic Art

UPDATE: The archaeologist cited in the newspaper article below has since claimed he was misquoted, and that there has not in fact been a “pattern of previous attacks”. Please see my entry here for fuller details. From the Canadian Leader-Post: Canada’s only major Arctic petroglyph site — a 1,500-year-old gallery of mysterious faces carved into a […]

Foreign Affairs discusses US Evangelicals on Africa, Israel

Walter Russell Mead discusses the impact of US evangelicalism in Foreign Affairs: …As evangelicals have recently returned to a position of power in U.S. politics, they have supported similar causes and given new energy and support to U.S. humanitarian efforts. Under President Bush, with the strong support of Michael Gerson (an evangelical who was Bush’s […]

Denis MacShane: “’Witches’ Brew’ of Anti-Semitism in the UK”

It’s 350 years since Oliver Cromwell re-admitted Jews to England, and this week BBC Radio 4’s religious news programme Sunday consists of a special edition about Jews in Britain. The programme has some interesting material, and includes input from a wide range of British Jews – secular, religious, gay, pro- and anti-Zionist. The show also […]

Good News for Adams

SZ at World O’Crap draws attention to the latest gem from conservative demagogue (see my blog post here) and academic Mike S Adams, in which he ponders what might have been: Just how many Muslim terrorists could I kill if the military would ignore my age and let me serve as a sniper? According to […]

Plutonian Goad

Buddhist leader: Scientists “make discoveries after we did them” From Interfax (link added): Sanjey-Lama of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha in Moscow has stated that the decision of the International Astronomic Union to demote Pluto down from the category of planet will not affect the Buddhist astrology in any way. He says the Buddhist astrological system […]

Full Moon

John Gorenfeld (who else?) notes recent developments in South Korea, where followers of Rev Moon have expressed their displeasure with certain elements of the media. Gorenfeld cites two newspapers; firstly, the JoongAng Daily: About 700 Unification Church members sat in at the Dong-A Ilbo building in central Seoul yesterday to complain about Shindonga magazine’s coverage […]

Iran Fails to Deliver the Quds

Boing Boing makes merry at the expense of Bernard Lewis: A couple of weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal published Mideast Scholar Bernard Lewis’s op-ed piece suggesting that Iranian President Ahmadinejad might commit some kind of catastrophic mischief, such as launching nuclear weapons, on August 22. Lewis said this might be so because that’s the […]

WND Reports on Francis Collins/D. James Kennedy Controversy

WorldNetDaily has a follow-up to its report highlighting a new show that blames science for the Holocaust: Darwin-Hitler connection sparks attacks Bloggers try to discredit experts on evolution’s connection to bloodshed …Author and Christian broadcaster D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries said the new “Darwin’s Deadly Legacy” is a ground-breaking inquiry into Darwin’s “chilling” […]

Francis Collins Repudiates D. James Kennedy’s Darwin = Hitler Prog

From Pharyngula: A reader wrote to Francis Collins about the use of his name to promote D. James Kennedy’s upcoming ahistorical anti-evolution program, and Collins wrote right back. He’s doing exactly the right thing. Collins did not wish for his written response to become public, but …He’s unambiguous in stating that he was interviewed about his […]