Christian Council of Britain: Epilogue?

Giles Fraser writes about Christian rejection of the BNP front group the “Christian Council of Britain” in the Guardian: Last month, a media-watch organisation started spotting the same faces that appear at BNP rallies regularly appearing at protests over Jerry Springer – the Opera. Local BNP leader Graham Green said: “We are totally opposed to […]

UEFA OKs Anti-Catholic Singing from Blackshirt Era

Football news from Ekklesia: Catholic Archbishop of Glasgow Mario Conti has criticised European football’s governing body, UEFA, for its decision not to fine Rangers fans for anti-Catholic singing during the club’s recent Champions League matches against the Spanish club Villareal. …The offending behaviours of Rangers fans included the anti-Catholic chants, insults to the Pope and […]

US Ukraine Ambassador Accused of “Neo-Sergianism”

Russian nationalists are unhappy with the religious activities of the US ambassador to Ukraine (link added): The fact that US ambassador to Ukraine, John Herbst, has been delegated from the diocese of Odessa and Zaporozhie to the All-Diaspora Council, which is to consider the re-unification of the two parts of the Russian Church, is a […]

Happy May Day