Jamaica PM Puts Pastors on State Boards

The new Prime Minister of Jamaica has a plan to end corruption in the country; the Jamaica Observer reports: “I intend on Monday, at my first Cabinet meeting, to instruct my ministers that every board, when they are creating them, must have a pastor as chairman, or as a member of the board, to ensure […]

Abuse of “Child Witches” in Congo Highlighted

Staying with Human Rights Watch, the organisation has a new report out on Congolese street-children. As I blogged a couple of months ago, many of these children have been thrown out of their homes following accusations of witchcraft, a new trend which is being fed by certain churches (footnotes excluded): Individuals who work with children […]

Peter Waldron and Journalists in Uganda

This is a month late, but it passed me by at the time. Human Rights Watch has a significant report from Uganda: The Ugandan government’s expulsion of a foreign journalist is the latest example of a crackdown on independent media that predates recent elections, Human Rights Watch said. At least three local journalists also face […]

Orthodox Right vs Neo-Pentecostalism in Ukraine

Orthodox Christian organisations in the Ukraine are unhappy with the new mayor of Kiev. Interfax-Religion reports: Yuri Yegorov of the Orthodox Choice association…believes the victory of Leonid Chernovetsky, leader of the Liberal Christian Democratic Party who is involved in the God’s Embassy, in the mayoral elections in Kiev is ‘a natural outcome of the values […]

Scottish Executive Backs Satanic Abuse Claims

One of the joys of being back in the UK is that I can now get my fortnightly dose of Private Eye magazine, which keeps most of its news content off-line. The latest issue (1155) contains a letter about Satanic Ritual Abuse, from Dr Joan Coleman of RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support): …I […]