England Ho

After two-and-a-half years of living in Japan, it’s now time for me to return to the UK. I’ll be back online sometime next week.

Far-Right Christian Group Founder Suspended from Tory Party

British libertarian site LibCom has the latest on Rev Robert West and the Christian Council of Britain: A Tory councillor has been suspended from his party after addressing a British National Party meeting and agreeing to front its campaign to promote Christian values. Robert West now faces a Conservative investigation into his role in setting […]

Peter Waldron Update: Charges Dropped, Expelled from Uganda

From Reuters: Uganda has dropped terrorism charges against a U.S. evangelist who police said was caught with assault rifles hidden in his bedroom just days before last month’s election, the man’s lawyer said on Saturday. The “evangelist” was Peter Waldron of Wyoming, whom I profiled at length here. Waldron denied the charges, and claimed that […]

New Satanic Panic Puffed on WND

The New Republic currently has an excellent profile (and critique) of American Catholic intellectual Richard John Neuhaus. Author Damon Linker covers a lot of ground, and includes one interesting observation: For many Catholics, the [paedophilia] scandal raised serious questions about what it was in the institutional practices of the Church that made possible such sordid […]

Roberto De Mattei and the First Crusade

WorldNetDaily cites a Times article from a few days ago about a conference on the Crusades: The conference, held at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University, brought together scholars from around the world who were anything but apologetic for the series of wars fought by European Christendom over 750 years ago. Italian historian Roberto De Mattei […]

Two Protests Today

London: A Rally in Trafalgar Square between 2:00pm and 4:00pm on Saturday March 25th 2006. The strength and survival of free society and the advance of human knowledge depend on the free exchange of ideas. All ideas are capable of giving offence, and some of the most powerful ideas in human history, such as those […]

Print the Cartoons!

From Send2Press Newswire a few days ago: …In 2005, civic activists from Belarus published flash cartoons on their website (www.3dway.org). The cartoons were about life in Belarus, electoral fraud, Belarus’ isolation, and Lukashenkos notorious preoccupation with sports. The activists may face up to five years in prison for publishing the cartoons. In addition to harassing […]

Moscow Patriarch Shares Lukashenko’s Concern for “Christian enlightenment and moral health”

Patriarch of Moscow Alexy II manages to keep a straight face as he pens a letter to President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Over to Interfax: ‘Seeing the impressive results of your previous work in this office, the multinational people of the republic have again given you a vote of confidence through supporting your candidature by […]

Two New US Pro-Israeli Right Groups

Two new groups have joined the crowded pro-Israel US lobby scene. Last month Haaretz reported that (link added) A new group in the United States, Christians United for Israel, will serve as an umbrella organization for Christian congregations that support Israel, and will lobby for Israel. The usual gang was there: It is led by […]

Williams Comments on pro-Mugabe Bishop Trial Scandal

The Guardian‘s new interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury includes the following detail: He described the position in central Africa, where Archbishop Bernard Malango has just absolved without trial Bishop Norbert Kunonga of Harare, accused by his parishioners of incitement to murder, as “dismal and deeply problematic”. Bishop Kunonga – widely known in Zimbabwe as […]